Keratinology by Sunsilk

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Keratinology is a new line by Sunsilk that is more of a "salon range." If you spend a lot of money on cuts and colours at the salon, then this range is for you. It helps to nourish and reconstruct hair. The best thing about this range is that it is still afforable. Yes, its more expensive than their other products, but it is a lot cheaper than Reken, Tigi, Goldwell, etc.

There are two types of shampoo/conditoners available. There is the Advanced Reconstruction Programme or the Sun Kissed Colour Therapy. There is also a mask, heat spray and overnight leave in treatment.

I used the Colour Therapy range. I shampooed my hair twice (as i put an overnight leave in treatment in the night before). What surprised me was that my hair felt soft and smooth, even after shampooing twice. Normally it feels dry and course before conditioner. Next I put on the hair mask. Its absolutely fantastic! It feels so thick and sticks to the hair. There is nothing worse than half of your mask/conditioner ending up on your shower floor, instead of on your head. I left it on for 10 minutes and then washed it out.  Once my hair was towel dried I put on the heat spray as I used it as a leave in conditioner. And I just let my hair air dry so i could see how it felt without using heat styling.

I REALLLLY liked it. My hair is in bad condition at the moment from going blonde, so i found that some of my ends still felt damaged, but overall it felt 80% better!!! It felt as good as it does when I have used Redken All Soft products. One great thing is it is really affordable for its quality. The shampoo and conditioner are $10.99 each and the heat spray, mask and overnight treatment are $13.99. Its available at supermarkets and pharmacies, so its easily accessible. Its always a pain when your favourite products are hard to get, or need to be ordered.

Has anyone else tried them? What did you think?

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