KIT at Myer Sydney: Christmas Shopping Night

Friday 25 November 2011

Last night KIT cosmetics held their Christmas Shopping Night at Myer in the city. I've never been to their special nights before, as its such a pain for me to get into the city...especially since I had to take my daughter with me. Shopping in the city with a pram is a nightmare!! Since I knew I would get in everyones way with the pram, i arrived half an hour earlier. Luckily my daughter decided to sleep, so i could look around and shop in silence...BLISS :)

Other than the products being amazing, the staff were INCREDIBLE!! Now whenever I've gone into KIT previously, the staff have always been friendly, but last night they took it to another level. I've never felt so welcome to play with products and ask questions. The staff were so helpful and even when they had run out of a foundation I was interested in, the lovely girl wrote it down for me so I can ring up and ask for it in the future. They also had cupcakes, and drinks for people to nibble on. The cupcakes were AMAZING!! 

I forgot to take photos of the store, but you can look on KITs facebook page. The way it was presented was so helpful. They have them grouped into price points, so if you have a budget, then it made it easy to find products to meet that amount. They also had the prices displayed under the product so you knew exactly how much things were. I love this as there's nothing more annoying than having to continuously ask staff how much something is. 

So onto what i bought....

Their cute bags for Christmas

On the left, what i bought wrapped in red tissue paper.
On the right, their goodie bag that you received when buying something on the night.

KIT Nail-Arama Kit

For $29.95 you get 4 x 9ml nail polishes. 
The colours are (left to right) 
Go Getter (pinky and slightly coral)
Get Going (bright purple)
Move Up (a gorgeous metallic colour)
Let Go (bright pink)

TOO FACED "Glamour To Go" Dream Edition $32.95

I have fallen in love with this! The packaging is just too cute. The packaging has a very cute vintage feel to it. This is perfect to pop in your handbag for touch ups or if you are travelling as it contains 8 eye shadows, a lip gloss, bronzer and blush. Its a very simple palette for anyone who doesn't like to wear a lot of colour. The brightest colour is the purple eye shadow. 

In this collection they also had a pack called "Beautiful Dreamer Set" which i NEED now! Hopefully Santa will bring me one ;) Heres the link it it
Isn't it to die for!!!! I really wanted it, but had a budget and couldnt get both TOO FACED sets. So i decided on the small palette and nail polishes instead. 

I was also lucky enough to get the goodie bag. 
In it I had a full size KIT lipgloss in "Maybe Just Once," KIT nail polish in "Shop Loves Sunset," MARIO BADESCU "Enzyme Cleansing Gel" and ORIGINS "GinZing" refreshing eye cream.

Im really excited to try out the MB cleansing gel as I've never tried their stuff before. 

Has anyone else been in to one of their shopping nights? Whats on your wishlist at KIT?

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Have a great day ox


  1. Great minds think alike!! I was so tempted to buy the mini polish set but refrained after giving myself a talking-to that I don't need MORE polish! Love the mini palette, I purchased mine a few weeks ago for the purpose of leaving it in my handbag! Soo handy! And much better than the original mini palette.

    Thanks for the shout-out! x

  2. I am such a Kit-fan, they have such great service. I sadly didn't have time to go to this one because of work but I will try and check it out next week. Love the packaging, so beautiful.

    You are so right, having prices on products is so handy. It is just too awkward having to ask all the time.

  3. MM - I reallllly didn't need anymore nail polish but the metallic one looks amazing and I've never used a Kit polish before so i thought why not :) I havent used the palatte yet....its almost too cute to use hahaha. Have you used yours yet?

    Ingrid - I think kit is the best place to go to get good customer service and help. The girls are so friendly. The great things is they never pressure you to buy anything, but their products are so amazing that you cant help but buy. :) I hate when you go to some make up counters, the staff are all standing around gossiping and you feel like you are interrupting them by needing help with colours/prices. It really annoys me especially when there are 3 of them and only you in store.

  4. I know what you mean, I love the three coloured shades but the metallic silver is quite similar to the Nicole by OPI shade we got in the second LHI I sternly told myself I didn't need it. :P

    I haven't used the palette yet either! Haha, despite buying it almost three weeks ago...I definitely need to, but there's something so enticing about a brand new palette! :)

    I love the service at Kit...and even better, if a product gives you a reaction you can always take it back to them!

  5. this blog of yours is going to do me in! I am now drooling over the KIT polishes! haha!