OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Welcome to my first post :)

I've recently become hooked on the OCC Lip Tars. For anyone that hasn't heard of them, this is your lucky day. If you LOVE lipstick or lip gloss - you will love these!

They are 100% vegan and cruelty free, which is always great! (If only more companies would do this). They pledge never to use animal-derived ingredients (including Lanolin, Beeswax, Carmine and more) in their products also. Not only can you look amazing, you are also being kind to animals....and who doesn't love that!

So a little about the lip tars. They are like a love child of lip gloss and lipstick. They have the staying power of a lipstick, but glide easily like a lip gloss.

Now a word of caution......
ONLY USE A LITTLE!!! I cant stress this enough. It is highly pigmented. If you squeeze too much, you will just waste it. The best way to apply is with a lip brush, or if you are desperate and cant find one or don't have one, i used an ear bud. The best thing about an ear bud, is you can also fix up any that has spilled over your lip line.

So the lip colour i tried today is called "Strumpet." OCC call it a "seedless grape red." Personally i would call it more of a berry like colour.

The first photo is of a very light application. I first put on lip balm then used the ear bud to pat on the colour.

The second picture is with a heavier application

A really great tip when using these is to put some Vaseline on your teeth, so the lip tar doesn't stain them. Also if you can, I would play around with it before going out in public with them, as you can look like a clown if you use too much. And lets face it....looking like a clown is never in Vogue!

In the next day or two i will upload 2 other colours :)

I really hope you liked my very first post. See you soon ox


  1. I still don't 100% understand what the lip tars are but I it's great that they are vegan. It's amazing what full coverage you get with it. The colour is great, a perfect berry-pink. xx

  2. Hi Ingrid. I guess they are like a liquid lipstick. They go on wet, and then dry. Try them out. You too will become obsessed :) ox

  3. ooh that looks really good! and i have pale skin aswell, so great to see that it suits!! :) Just wondering how much are they each, and where can i find them? :) thanks!! -kathy x

  4. hi Kathy. I bought mine from bellabox. They were $16 each and you get free shipping on orders over $20. I ordered mine on Friday and it came on Tuesday.

    Otherwise www.suite7beauty.com sells them for $13 each. They have a lot more colours that BB, but it comes from the US, so you have longer to wait and you pay for shipping based on weight. If the exchange rate is good it can be worth it, but otherwise BB is easier and quicker. ox

  5. Looks great on you!

    I have memento and NSFW, and purchased samples of feathered (to mix with), trollop, mélange and hush! This really could turn into an obsession!

  6. Thanks MM. I havent tried my NSFW yet. But I've seen it on others and it looks bold and amazing. I reallllly want to buy more, but should wait a while since i already have too many lip glosses on the go at the moment, and still have quite a few that I haven't even used yet. I really should use them first! XO