Bellabox December 2011

Monday 12 December 2011

Well i was sooooooo excited to get this that I was stalking my postie. But honestly when I opened it I was slightly disappointed. I had seen on 2 other blogs what others had got and my box was different. And even though I love 4 of the products, I'm disappointed in my last one.

But onto the good news first......

Oxotic Nail Polish in #530
I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love this nail polish!! It's an amazing colour that changes in the sunlight. It can look green to gold to pink to purple. (I'll be doing a post on it later) I hope that Bellabox will sell more of their colours as I now have a new obsession.

Savoir Faire Concealer pack
This is such a great little pack as it has a 2 concealers at the top and finishing powder at the bottom. Perfect for touch ups on the go. I love this as its not something I would normally buy myself. 

Eylure False Eyelashes
I've never tried false lashes before, and I'm so excited to try this out!!! The great thing with these are that they are contact lens friendly, reusable and include the adhesive.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Mask (3ml)
This is an anti aging mask. Even though i don't need it, i am looking forward to trying it out. You apply it to clean skin for 8-10 minutes. It will be perfect for before or after a party. 

Phytomer Souffle Marin Energizing Oxygenating Serum (3ml)
You use this after toning, under your regular moisturiser. It helps to make your skin soft and glow.

Let me explain my disappointment in the last item....
From seeing the 2 other blogs, they had either received a full sized Batiste Dry Shampoo or a full size Kosmea Rose Water spray. I opened my box and had 3 x 3ml serums from Phytomer. Now I know because they are small samples, you get more to try but it feels like they had run out of the other 2 full sized products and just chucked something else in. Also considering in the box they also had a anti aging mask, I feel like another skincare item is just too much. I'm not sure about you, but i like to try one skincare product at a time so I can see if it gets results or if I have any issues with reactions. And I received an anti aging mask instead of a enzyme peel. I'm 27 so I'm not really interested in anti aging and would have loved the enzyme peel.

I know other boxes from other brands have also done a full size product in one persons box, and a small sample in another persons box. Its really frustrating considering everyone pays the same so we really should get the same value in a box. 

If I didnt see what was in other peoples box, I would have been really happy. The 3 sized products are great!!!! But seeing that others got a full sized product while I got skin care samples was really disappointing. I LOVE Bellabox and cant wait to see what is in their next box! :) I know it would be hard to do a box that everyone loves, and sadly it just wasn't completely to my liking this month.

What did you think of your box.


  1. I agreee with you, I got the 3 small samples and I was happy with the box overall but seeing that other people got full size products is a bit upsetting as I would have rather recieved that instead of the small samples :(

  2. Hopefully with enough people complaining to the companies, they will stop doing it. I know quite a few people were annoyed with glossybox giving them a small cleansing oil while others got a full sized exfoliator. Hopefully our next box is the same as other peoples boxes :)

  3. Ohh that sucks you received the 3 small skin care samples instead of the dry shampoo or rose water spray. I agree with you on the anti-ageing products, I'm only 24 - we are too young! I think Bellabox really need to read over our beauty profiles to make sure they are sending products that are made for us. A friend of mine has fair skin and received a dark concealer. But apparently that's all been sorted out and she will get another.
    All these things aside, I still can't wait for January's box! xx

  4. I definitely agree with you there! I had a look through my beauty profile and figured that maybe the Rosewater mist was given to people with a dry skin type? I haven't received my box yet, so I guess one of the products would be a surprise for me.

  5. Just blogged about my box today. I received the three small samples as well and didn't realise there were two other alternatives. That's indeed a bit "unfair". On one hand, it's good that we're not all getting the same thing but they should balance it out in terms of variety and quantity.

  6. Lauren - i heard a few people got the wrong colour :( But luckily Bellabox have been great and sending out the correct one quickly

    Rose - Let me know what you get in your box :)

    S&S - It is great to get something tailor made to our skin, but it definitely needs to be balanced like you said!

  7. I only got my box yesterday as I'm on the west coast, it was my first beauty box so I was really happy with it. I did get the Rose Water, I prob would have been disappointed too if I received the 3 samples. They really should keep all of the boxes the same though!

  8. ohhh it sucks you have to wait so long for your box. I'm glad u were happy with it! :) Let me know what you think of the rose water. I will need a new spray soon and was thinking of trying that one.