Hair Essentials For A Night Out

Friday 16 December 2011

Every girl needs only a few things in her bag to update her hair do from day to night. Here are the essentials on what you should have in your bag.

If you have a clutch...

Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are perfect for keeping hold of an updo, or to keep your fringe out of your eyes and off your face. You can use them to hold a braid, or pin back the pesky strands of hair that don't quite reach your pony tail.

Hair Bands (non metal)
Hair bands are great to use for when youve been dancing up a storm on the dance floor and it has affected your hair style. Either tie it into a bun, top knot, pony or plait and keep dancing the night away.

Decorative Hair Clip Or Broach
The great thing about these, is that they don't need to be big to be gorgeous. You can add a clip to a up do, or to hair that is down. It will instantly make your do much more sophisticated. Diva, Alannah Hill and Mimco have amazing ones depending on your budget

Essentials for larger bags

Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoos are great for reviving your hair and making it fresh again. It can also give your limp hair more texture and volume. So many brands now have mini purse versions to stash in your bag. 

Compact Brush
This is great to use if you are using dry shampoo. Not great for a clutch though! 

If you have a larger bag, you can have a headband stored away to give your hair do a different look to take it from day to night.

What are your essential hair items in your bag?

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