Improving Your Skin While You Sleep

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Sleep is not only important for our wellbeing, but also for our skin. When you aren't getting enough sleep, it shows in your skin. 

Here are some tips on how to add an extra punch to your night time routine.

Before bed, use an old (but clean) toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips. Afterwards put on some lip balm (not gloss) to moisturise them and make them soft for lipstick application the next morning.

Even if you don't wear make up, still clean your skin at night. If you use a cloth to wash your face, use a clean one or you will just transfer germs and dirt back onto your face. This will help any creams you put on before bed work more effectively. Make sure you are also exfoliating, or the cream won't be sinking into the skin properly. Don't forget to take off eye make up or you may find your eyes will get easily irritated and left on mascara can weaken lashes. 

Use an eye cream at night to help diminish lines and bags. Make sure you are using a eye cream and not a night cream, as the skin around the eyes is delicate and eye creams are less likely to cause irritation. 

Apply a night hair treatment to hair that is breakable or dry. Or if you have a hair oil or cream that is too heavy for the day, apply it at night and it won't matter since you can wash it out the next day. 

Try sleeping with your hair left down, especially if you keep it up in the day. You may find your hair breaks easily in the middle because of your hair tie. Trying to leave your hair down will give it time to rest. 

Apply a heavy cream onto your feet at night, then add socks to keep your feet moisturised and soft. This is really important in winter, as feet are normally ignored then. 

Sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase to stop creasing of the skin when sleeping. Ideally it is best to sleep on your back so you don't scrunch your face into the pillow or mattress, but not everyone finds this position comfortable. 

Sleep on two pillows since it helps to raise your head and depuff your eyes and reduce blood pooling. 

To have a better sleep, have a warm (not hot) bath or shower before bed and apply either a lavender shower gel or lotion to skin after your bath to help you relax. 

Sweet dreams,

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