Nail Of The Day: Pret a Polish

Sunday 18 December 2011

Yesterday I went into Coles and picked up Grazia Magazine which came with a free nail polish from Pret a Polish. You could choose from 3 colours. A bright pink, a bright purple and a burnt orange/coral colour. I chose the coral as I really love it for summer. It's official name is "Pop! astic" which is very funky.

I was a in a bit of a hurry, so there is not top coat on my nails and I didn't file my nails :/ So excuse the bad looking nails.  

I really liked the polish. I did 2 coats, and while it is a thin polish, it still gives a lot of colour. 

I haven't actually heard of this brand before. Even after googling, I still couldn't find much out about the brand. What I did find out is that it is "3 free." Which means it is free from Dibutyl Phthalate,  Formaldehyde and Toluene. For anyone who is unsure about these 3 chemicals, check out this

If you are interested in their polishes call (02) 80659012 or go here. You can also buy Butter London from this site too. 

Has anyone tried these polishes before?

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