Nude By Nature Pure Pout Lip Gloss

Friday 9 December 2011

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect lip gloss. It needs to be moisturising, long lasting and a good colour. I love lipstick, but lip gloss is my ultimate desert island essential item. Every girl knows they need a few different colours, depending on their outfit and mood. 
Lip gloss dabbed on
(Hopefully you can see the colour on my bottom lip)

One of my favourite nude glosses is from Nude by Nature. Its a mineral lip gloss called "Pure Plum." Even though it looks quite dark in the tube, it's a good glossy nude-ish colour. It has just enough colour to enhance your nature lip colour. But it is soooooo glossy!! And it lasts forever. 
Taa Daa... All mixed in. The perfect nude.

Another great thing is its Australian made and owned. And they don't test on animals. For $19.95 you get 3, yes THREE different colour lip glosses. How amazing is that! You can learn more about Nude by Nature here


  1. It looks like a great colour and I do love natural products. Win Win:)

  2. I haven't tried their other colours yet, but love this one. The best thing is how moisturising it is. So many lip glosses don't last long, and just dry out your lips.