Tips I've Learnt From Celebs And Their Beauty Teams:Skincare

Thursday 29 December 2011

I love gossip and other than celeb scandals, I love reading about their style and beauty tips. Some are simple, others are impossible (and not to mention expensive for us mere mortals) and others can be life changing.

Here are some of my favourite ones that I have adopted into my life. Todays post is focusing on skin care, and I will do a few more on hair, make up and health in the coming days.

Growing out a fringe if I am breaking out on my forehead or pinning it back away from my forehead.
Using styling products is great for our hair, but not our skin. Chances are if you are only breaking out on your forehead, its your hair to blame.

Keep your phone clean
If your work involves using a phone, do you remember the last time you cleaned it? If not, just think about all the germs that are going onto your face and hands. Some people will find they break out on one side, and it is normally the side they use a phone on.

Don't forget your neck and chest
All the lotions (and surgery) wont make your look younger if your chest is wrinkly. Remember to add sunscreen onto your chest every day, even when it isn't sunny outside. If you wear a lot of strapless tops or dresses add some onto your shoulders too.

Don't forget your elbows and knees
Whether you are tanning or moisturising, your elbows are important since the area is very dry.

Splash out on a facial and eyebrow shaping
You don't need to spend a lot to look good. A great way to save money is to DIY but at least once go to a pro to see how it is done properly. Then you can replicate their work yourself. 

Prevention is better than cure
Always protect your skin by using sunscreen. Before trying new skincare, always do a skin test in case of a reaction. 

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