Ways To Fast Track Your Beauty Routine

Sunday 18 December 2011

As great as it is to spend as long as you want to getting ready, sometimes you need to get ready within minutes, not hours. Here are some ways in which you can get ready quickly.

Gradual Tanning Moisturiser
This can help give you a healthy tan, without spending ages exfoliating, spraying and drying. If you use every few days, you can maintain a nice healthy natural looking colour.

Dry Shampoo
If you don't have enough time to either wash your hair, dry shampoo is a savior!

Lip, Cheek, Eye Tint
All in one tints are great for if you are going from work to a party. They are small and easy to store in any sized bag. There's nothing worse than having to carry 20 products around in your handbag for touch ups. 

BB Cream 
BB creams are great as they are an all in one. If you don't have time to do a perfect foundation base, BB creams are great as they go on easily and take just seconds. You can apply them with hands or a sponge, which is much quicker than applying foundation with a brush.

They are great since they have everything you need for your lips, cheeks and eyes. You don't need to be rummaging around trying to find all your items, as they are all in your palette.

They are prefect for when you don't have enough time to do a smokey eye. Just remember its more of a daytime solution, as you will look like a goose wearing sunglasses inside at night time!

These are great if you haven't been to the hairdressers and have regrowth. The more regrowth you have, the bigger headband you need. 

What are your fast beauty tips?


  1. Take a hairtie EVERYWHERE, Bobby pins are a must, and 12hr lipstick - no need for touchups :)

  2. Ohh how could i forget 12 hour lipstick!!! Great item Chelsea :) I'm like you, I always have bobby pins and hair ties. Except bobby pins always seem to disappear :(

  3. using a mascara to cover up those grey roots in between dyes (this only works for dark hair!) and i totally agree about the Bb creams! x

  4. The hair mascaras are amazing!! I haven't used one, but a friend showed me and it completely hid her grays!!