Beauty Resolutions For 2012

Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year gorgeous readers! I hope you all had a fantastic night, no matter how you spent it. And hopefully you all felt fantastic today....but I'm sure some of you didn't from too many drinks and too much dancing ;)

The new year is great for starting new routines, and for breaking old habits. While most people say they want to lose weight, be more organised and save more, today's post is about beauty resolutions.

There is no point in making resolutions that you know you can't keep, so let's be realistic in setting goals. Here are some of my resolutions

Take my make up off nightly
This is something I have been trying to do every night, and have been doing it 6 out of 7 nights recently. So my aim is for 7 out of 7. Hopefully my skin will glow a little more just by putting in a bit more effort.

Try new things
It is so easy to get stuck in a make up rut, especially if it works for you. I have to admit, I usually rock the brown smokey eye with nude lips most days, but want to try to step out of my comfort zone. Maybe once or twice a week try a winged eyeliner or bright lip, depending on what i have planned for the day. I would look a bit odd with bright red lips while doing house work ;)

Finally get the Urban Decay Naked Palette
I have wanted this forever, but already have a bazillion eye shadows. So my goal is to use up as much of my already opened eye shadows (and finish them) then get the UD Naked one. 

Stop buying the same shade of nail polish
I love orangey coral shades and hot pink ones, and have WAY too many. So I have a ban on buying anymore unless I have already finished a bottle. But that won't stop me from buying purples, greens, reds, blues, silvers..... ;)

What are your beauty changes you want to make in 2012?


  1. Ditto the first one, I'm terrible for it!

  2. Gotta say, I hear you on ALL. I take my base of nightly (usually) but go "meh" at mascara because its too hard with a face wipe. So lazy :)

  3. Jimmi lou, its been a work in progress! It can be a pain sometimes but my skin is a lot better for it! Thats why i have tried to improve it by a day every few weeks, rather than say every day.... which i knew i would fail.

    Chelsea, i have to admit i am bad at taking off eye make up. But my excuse is i hate water near my eyes ;)

  4. Use the correct make up brushes and wash them regularly. Rachel xx