Celebrity Hair Crush: Charlize Theron

Wednesday 18 January 2012

 I've been seeing a lot of ads for the new Charlize theron movie"Young Adult." Now I can't tell you what the movie is about, but I can tell you her hair looks divine!

I'm having such a hair crush that I am so tempted to cut my hair. The hair that I've been growing for 2 years! The one that is only about 5 centimeters away from my perfect length.

And there she is on the red carpet for the premiere. 

If you are tempted to get your hair cut like this there are a few products you need....

Sea Salt Spray
Sea Salt Spray will give your hair waves (not curls) for a beach babe look. O&M and David Babaii do great sprays. 

Hair serum/shine
Since you have cut off all the dead bottom length, you can let the healthy hair shine through....but sometimes it is great to have a little bit of help to make it shiner.

Hairspray is such a great styling tool to use. It helps an updo stay in place, makes cowlicks stay down and helps to give your hair long lasting curls

Volumising Spray/mousse
This is great for fine haired girls. You will suddenly look like you have twice as much hair! It will also make your curls last longer if you use a mousse.

Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo is amazing for any type of hair. For fine hair it can give volume and for oily hair it can get rid of the grease factor. It is perfect for the time poor that don't have time to wash their hair before work or before a night out.

Are you wanting to do something radical to your hair?

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  1. I thought she looked amazing at the Golden Globes. The headband made her look so much younger as well xx