Cleansing Oils

Monday 2 January 2012

Cleansing oils are great if you wear make up, or find cleansing your face twice strips natural and important oils from your face. The oil gently dissolves make up from your skin before you cleanse. I normally only use a cleansing oil at night to get off make up. 

Cleansing oils have become popular only in the last few years, with good reason why. They can make your skin clean, nourished and glowing. Yes, even if your skin is oily. But there are two things you need to know...

1. You can't use just any oil
Some oils are just going to make your skin oily and break out, so choose your oil very carefully. Keep coconut oil for your hair and body, but oils like Jojoba oil or Rosehip oil are great for your skin. If you choose to do a DIY cleansing oil, make sure you do your research or ask someone at your local health food store what is suitable for skin, and what isn't. 

2. What works for some, might make you break out
If DIY sounds scary, there are many brands now that have a cleansing oil you can buy without any mixing or confusion. The only thing that can be difficult with this is like any skincare, what 99.9% of people love might not work on your skin. So you may need to try a few first. 

Some of my favourite ones are Shu Uemura "Cleansing Beauty Oil" and Lush "Ultra Bland" Cleanser. I have also tried the Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, but sadly it made me break out, but others love it. 

Do you use a Cleansing Oil, or have you found it wasn't compatible with your skin?


  1. I've been meaning to try a cleansing oil for ages, mainly to remove makeup. Still looking lol

  2. Chelsea i think i have a spare Bobbi Brown oil if you want it. Just email me at with your address and i will send it out at the end of the week :)

  3. i make my own each night in the palm of my hand, 70% castor oil and 30% olive oil, i massage my face with it for 2 minutes then steam my face with a washcloth for 30 seconds then wipe it off, it really helps with my congested skin:)

    also, if chelsea isnt interested in the bobbi brown oil, i am oh so interested, DIY every night can be a pain, but of course first preference to the lovely chelsea:) xx

  4. I am completely in love with the Shu Uemura one...I use the pink bottle, I think it's called 'fresh' and it works so, love, love.

    Agree with what you said about the BB one...I gave all my samples away.