Flawless Foundation

Thursday 5 January 2012

Foundations have come a long way from when they were created. Originally there wasn't much choice or colour range. Now there are so many different types, no matter what skin type you have, there is a foundation for you. Whether you like a tinted moisturiser, a dewy finish or full coverage, application is key. You can spend a little or a lot on the product, but how you apply it is key. 

A key part of having a flawless base, is having good skin. We would all like perfect skin, but only a very small percentage of people are born with it. But there are ways that we can help nature and improve what we have been given. The best ways in which we make our skin glow is by having a healthy diet, enough sleep every night, not smoking, keeping our skin clean and also by exfoliating the skin so we have a smooth base. 

The best way to apply your foundation is to build it up by layers. It is much easier to add more coverage on, but impossible to lighten the coverage without having to start over again. Remember, make up isn't used to mask your skin, it is to help even out tone and give the illusion of the perfect base. You don't want to look like a mime!

Start by applying a small amount on you forehead, nose and chin. If you are lucky enough not to have pigmentation problems, or blemishes, you can normally get away with some just here. But if you feel the need to also dab a small amount on your cheeks. Use either your (clean) fingers, foundation brush or sponge and blend out the foundation to your hair line. You will find that the foundation will be sheerer around the hairline and jaw which helps prevent any harsh lines. If you have put on a bit too much, you can use a slightly damp sponge and tap to make it sheerer. Make sure you do this especially around your nose and eyes where it can crease. If you have lines around your eyes and mouth, make sure you work in your foundation to prevent cracks otherwise it will emphasize lines and wrinkles.

If you need to, conceal anywhere that needs a little bit more love. If you have under eye circles, tap on concealer with your ring finger to help neutralize them. 

Depending on your skin type, and the weather, add a light dusting of powder to stop shine. Make sure you tap off any excess powder before applying. If you apply too much it will just have a cakey effect.

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