Getting The Best Blow Dry At Home

Thursday 5 January 2012

I'm not sure why, but I always struggle to do a great blow dry at home. I know the technique, but really struggle with how long it takes and patience. I just get so bored, and half way through want to give up. 

But for those who have the patience, here are some tips on getting the best DIY blow dry. 

Lightly towel dry your hair. Don't rub or it will cause your hair to tangle. While blow drying your wet hair, don't be rough and "fluff" the hair with your hands to make it dry quicker. This will save you time, but you wont get a smooth long lasting blow dry. You don't need to shake the hair dryer either. Just make sure the heat is on medium heat so you don't fry your hair. If you go overboard on heating, it will just make you lose the silkiness you feel at a salon. 

Make sure you don't overload your hair with products. Less is more! Otherwise you will end up with oily, greasy and limp hair. Just put a little bit on the ends. 

Divide your hair into sections. Some people prefer starting at the back, while others like the front being perfect since that is what they see (and they don't mind the back being slightly less than perfect). Do what is easiest for you. Remember when dividing sections to put a tissue between your hair and the clip to stop wrinkling and crinkling the hair.

Remember to face the dryer nozzle DOWN the hair shaft, otherwise you will just have a hair full of frizz. Using a round brush and tension, start drying your sections. Once you have finished drying a section, blast some cool air to help to lock in the straightness of the section. 

If you want lots of volume, hold up the hair while blow drying. Or if you want more of a curl finish, pin up your hair and let it cool before un-pinning. 

If you still have problems with frizz, go over with a hair straightener. But give a light spray of a heat protectant first.

The biggest tip is leaving your hair alone once you have finished. No touching!! Don't brush it, or run your fingers through your hair.

Depending on your hair, make sure you are using the right brush size and hair products. 

The best thing to do is practice when you have a lot of time, once you have done it a few times, you will find a technique and method which works or you. If you are still struggling either get it done professionally and watch their technique, or check out YouTube. There are so many great tutorials on there for any beauty technique. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am like you and don't have the patience to achieve the salon look. You have made it sound easy though. Also, all this work will give you lovely arms for summer. Rachel xxx

  2. Hahahaha Rachel. Maybe I should blow dry my hair everyday to get amazingly toned arms ;) XO

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