Getting The Best Results From Using Your Mascara

Saturday 7 January 2012

Even though it's a staple in most peoples beauty routine, we generally put it on in a hurry. We spend a lot of money on getting thicker and bigger lashes, but there are many ways to make your average mascara give a bigger impact with some simple tweaks. 

Use an eye lash curler to really make your eye lashes pop. Once you start using one, you will never go back to just using mascara. They really give your lashes a impact. 

Some make up artists use mascara primers, but they can be expensive and a waste of money for most people. Something easier is to do a light dusting of powder on your lashes to make them slightly thicker.

Make sure you never pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube. This will only add air into the tube and make your mascara dry out much quicker. 

To stop any clumps, wipe your mascara wand with a tissue before you use it. If it is a new mascara, just wipe the tip of the mascara wand where more liquid and clumps gather. Some make up artists bend their wand 90 degrees which is easier to hold for a steady application. Instead of ruining your current wand, you can keep your last wand and bend it back and forth. This way if it breaks, you still have a lid on your current mascara.

To give the illusion of length, wiggle your mascara wand on the lash base. Making the base thicker will make it look like your lashes are longer than they actually are. Zig zagging also helps to removes clumps. 

You can also use a liquid liner or pencil on the lash base. Try and make it a very thin line to make it look more natural. Liquid liner looks the best, but can be hard to master if you are a beginner. Start with pencil and when you have a steady hand, then move onto liquid liner. 

Continue wiggling the wand as you push up through the lash to the ends. The wiggling helps to separate the lashes for added drama. 

Always remember to coat the inner lashes, as they are normally missed. Just be precise or you will end up with lots of smudges. 

Don't feel like you can only use one mascara at a time. Do one coat of lengthening and one coat of thickening mascara. If you decide to do 2 coats, make sure you do them quickly, because if you wait until the first coat dries it will just make your second coat become gluggy and clumpy. 

Make sure you take the time to check that your mascara hasn't run or smudged before you leave the house. If you have smudged it, use an ear bud to cleanly remove it. Add a little bit of pressure, then rotate the bud slightly to lift the smudge. Some people find using a tissue under your eye helps if you are prone to smudges, but others just find it gets in the way. Otherwise, do your eye make up first, then apply foundation/tinted moisturiser/powder once you have finished with your eyes. 

Coloured mascaras can also work in everyday life, not just for parties. Blues and plums will make your blue eyes pop, and purple and brown is great for green eyes. For a no make up look, clear mascara is fantastic. And you can also use it as a brow product to keep them tidy. 

If you love a particular mascara wand, but wasn't a big fan of their mascara, you can keep the wand and either use it in your favourite mascara (if it fits the tube) or use it as a comb to separate your lashes. Some you can even use as a spoolie and brush your eyebrows. Just make sure you use make up remover to clean it before using it. You don't want mascara in your eyebrows!

Make sure you throw out your mascaras every 3 months. Because of bacteria, it is REALLY important to buy a new one regularly. If you get sick, make sure you throw out your mascara, or you will keep transferring germs and bacteria onto your face every day. 

Does anyone have any other tips?


  1. such handy tips! will be favouriting this so i can come back to it every now and then to refresh my mind!

  2. Wow! Great tips, I think you covered just about every base :)
    I too often use two mascaras, the first is a non waterproof so that my mascara is not too hard to remove then a waterproof coat on top so that my mascara does not budge during the day!

  3. great post hun, great tips here and i will deff be using them to make my mascara work for me

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog x

  4. Thanks for the comments girls :) XO

    Ela - I love a waterproof mascara too!

  5. Thank-You Beauty in a Bottle :)!

    I have found your post very interesting and also learnt a few tips..I never knew..I will definitely follow your advice/tips when I purchase my new Mascara..Which should arrive hopefully very soon ❤

    Cheers again Pixie xx

  6. I'm glad you learnt something new! :) What new mascara did you order XO

  7. Great post Hun! Thank you for this.

    Amy xxx

  8. Glad you liked it Amy! I had a look at your blog and it's great! :)

  9. Hi Beauty in a Bottle..I've ordered Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara Deep Blue:)!I hope it's a great I usually purchase the same brands such as Maybelline or Rimmel..So this time I put my foot down and felt ready for a change:)!{P.s. Sowwie it's a long post..didn't realise how much I typed}

    Pixie xx

  10. Ohhh You'll have to do a blog update so I can see what it looks like. I used to love their 2000 calorie mascara when I was younger. I used to always use my mums (so bad though!!! luckily I never got an eye infection!). Thanks for the shout out on your blog. I really appreciate it. :) XO