Golden Globes Beauty 2012

Tuesday 17 January 2012

I love awards season. There is something magical about seeing celebs dressed up in a gorgeous dress, with amazing jewellery and flawless make up. It's a Cinderella story. And I'm sure many look dreadful the next morning after one too many champagnes! 

Here are some of the looks that I loved and why.

Amanda Peet
It is so refreshing to see a hollywood actress embrace her age and not going botox crazy. Her main focus is on her eyes (and brows) so the rest of her make up is understated. I also LOVE her earrings. I'm a sucker for anything animal print.

Sarah Hyland
The Modern Family actress shows that a bronze/brown smokey eye can look just as hot (if not hotter) than a black smokey eye. Her skin looks flawless and she is completely age appropriate. So many younger stars try to sex up their image, but Sarah is choosing to be classy. And that's always in, in my book.

Emma Stone
She can do no wrong! I love how the eyes pop with colour, but aren't overpowering. Her complexion is amazing. I love how she breaks rules with her make up, like wearing red lipstick with red hair. 

Angelina Jolie
She always looks flawless! I like how she breaks the rule about focusing on one feature. On most people, it would be hard to pull off, but she has so much confidence and attitude that she can.

Stacy Keibler 
She's George Clooney's lastest squeeze, Stacy doesn't outshine George, but looks fantastic in her own right. A show stopping, but simple dress. Her hair looks simple and no fuss, due to its (classy) messiness.

Dianne Lane
I love her hair. It looks so effortless but beatiful. I love that she is embracing her natural self and just adding hair, make up and clothes to look her best.  

Evan Rachel Wood
Her make up is always flawless. With skin this good, why would you bother to highlight your eyes or lips! I love how her make up is simple but gorgeous. It is great that she is showing that short hair can still look girly and pretty. 

And my favourite is......

Charlize Theron
She is understated, but lets her accessoies shine (Did you see her shoes!?!?! Devine! They are simple but perfect with her dress.) Her make up is quite neutral and natural and her hair is simple but very gorgeous. To make it shine she has included a beautiful shiny headband.  This just goes to show that less is more.

Who was your favourite?

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