Hair Dare! Day 4

Thursday 26 January 2012

Yay! I finally got to do the waterfall braid today. It was the first time I had tried it and it was super easy. I washed my hair today and didn't want to do much styling, so I just put in some leave in conditioner and a bit of argan oil to help with flyaways. My hair is still wet here as I just air dried it but was too impatient to wait until it had fully dried.

I really like the waterfall braid. This will probably become a staple hairstyle of mine now. 

Are you a fan of of it? 


  1. It looks lovely, I wish I was better with my hair, I might try this challenge out, prob need lots of tutorials to follow though!

  2. Jimmy Lou it is REALLLLLLY easy. If you can plait, you can do this! :)

    Check out this video from BH.

    But up a picture on your blog if you decide to do it :) XO

  3. I love waterfall braids!! Yours looks great :)