How To Look After Your Perfume

Saturday 28 January 2012

We all know we need to keep our perfume away from direct sunlight and away from heat. It is best to keep it in a dry, cool place. A great place to put it is in a box upright or closet. 

Here are some other things you should know...

Because your bathroom will get humid, don't keep the perfume in there.

Don't shake the perfume.

Don't keep your perfume in the fridge. Fluctuating temperatures can also affect the quality of the perfume. 

Keep the lid on the perfume. Air will evaporate the perfume if you keep the lid off.

Rollerballs may seem like an easy way of applying perfume, but contact with your skin means that oils from your skin will be transferred back into the rollerball, which will change the quality of the scent.

The scent deteriorates quicker when exposed to light and heat, which means you will waste perfume if you store it incorrectly.

Keep your perfume in a glass bottle. If you change it into a plastic atomiser, the perfume can slowly dissolve the plastic and change the scent of the perfume.

Never buy used, opened or tester perfumes. You don't know how long they have been opened for and the conditions they were kept in. 

What is your favourite perfume?


  1. I am on a Chanel - fix at the moment, I have 3. They all come with lids and in glass bottles and I keep them in the bedroom so I guess they are safe;) xx

  2. This is very handy, I just got given a lot of perfume for chrissy, so thank you :)

  3. I am loving my Estee Lauder perfumes- beautiful and bronze goddess.

    Thanks for all the helpful hints.

  4. right now, im loving christian audigier (red bottle) but i just ordered pink sugar!

  5. I love Avon's Little Black Dress - it's such a great everyday perfume. I'm also loving a new one called Halloween Kiss by J.Del Pozo? I got it in a bellabox and it's so lovely! Need to find it.

  6. Ingrid - I've never tried a Chanel perfume before! Next time I'm at the shops I'll have to have a smell.

    Diagnonsence - What perfumes were you given for Xmas?

    bbBeauty-I only ever use EL perfumes when I go to my mums house interstate, so the fragrances always remind me of home :)

    Jessa - Ohhh i love pink sugar. I used to wear it and it is just so delicious!

    Chelsea - I haven't smelt the Halloween Kiss. I got a different sample in my Bellabox.

  7. Chelsea, you can buy it from Perfume Connection, I saw it a week or two ago.

    I'm a perfume addict and I am currently loving Lola by Marc Jacobs, Paco Rabanne's Lady Million and Burberry Body. :D

    PS - Try Chanel's Chance Eau So Fraiche, it's lovely!

  8. Aqua di parma 'cipresso' part of the blu medditeraneo range is absolutely divine
    for a summer fragrance, it's only an EDT, but their is a body lotion you can get
    for layering.

  9. I needed to get a quote for insurance of perfumes so I was sent to this really expensive place in the city. The lady explained to me never to buy perfume from discount chemists, Priceline, ..., as they are often older or haven't been stored correctly.

    Years ago, I picked out Britney Spears Fantasy with a friend as a gift for me and she got it from Chemist Warehouse and once I got it home, it smelt like alcohol in a bottle. I was too scared to tell her. Now I won't purchase anything from those discount chemists (MyChemist, Chemist Warehouse, Epharmacy are all the same company)

    1. Ohhh my goodness that's scary!!! I guess when a company is selling it way below RRP, then it's not surprising that it's not as great quality as they sell in high end stores.