How To Wear Red Make Up

Sunday 22 January 2012

Photographer: Williams Bonbon
Hair + Make Up: Loriane Leger

As amazing as this photo is, it isn't really real life appropriate for a lot of us. Most workplaces have strict clothing policies, so you'll have to keep a look like this for after hours. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to rock red...

Even out your skin tone
Make sure you have an even complexion, otherwise you will just look sunburnt. If you have a natural red or pink undertone, a red shadow will just make it more visible.

For your eyes ...

Prep the lids
Make sure you prep the lids with primer. If the eye shadow is highly pigmented, it can stain your skin if you don't wear a primer.

Be careful where you apply the eye shadow
It's better to apply it in the middle and on the outer corner of the eye. If you put it on the inner corners, it will make your eyes look bloodshot. Also make sure the colour is vibrant. If you choose a sheer colour, you will just make your eyes look tired and bloodshot. Only use eye shadows, not lipstick or blush on the eyes, since they aren't made for the eye area.

Make sure you use black mascara and eyeliner
This will help to define the eyes.

For your cheeks ...

Be careful where you apply your blush
If you apply red onto your cheeks, make sure you apply it lightly onto the cheekbones. If you apply onto the apples of your cheeks, you might end up looking like a clown.

For your lips ...

Exfoliate your lips
Since red is so vibrant and noticeable, make sure you exfoliate your lips. There is nothing worse than dried lips, except very noticeable dry lips.

Create a barrier
Either use a lip pencil or blend concealer along the edge of your lips to create a border. 

You need perfect application
Since red has such an impact against skin, you need to make sure that it is applied perfectly. Check out the "Y" technique here for perfect application of lip gloss and lipstick. 

Use powder
After applying one coat, dust your lips lightly with translucent powder then do another layer of lip gloss or lip stick. This will help it to stay put and not bleed. 

Keep everything else simple
Whether you highlight your eyes or lips keep the rest simple, especially for day use.

What is your favourite red product? 
I love the OCC Lip Tar in "NSFW."


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  2. I love your step by step guides, they are very intricate yet easy to understand :)

  3. Rachel I'm glad that are easy to understand, as sometimes it is hard to try and explain something hahaha XO