Make Up Tips For Photography

Saturday 21 January 2012

If you are planning on doing make up to take pictures of, there are some important things to know.

Make sure your base is clean
Always cleanse, tone and moisturise first. Using an exfoliator will also make your skin look smoother. Apply a primer to make your base stay flawless. 

Apply the right foundation
If you suffer from shiny skin, make sure you use a matte cream or liquid foundation. 

Blending is key
Make sure you blend your foundation well, especially around the hairline and around your chin and neck to avoid the foundation looking like a mask.

Some foundations shouldn't be used for photography
SPF in some foundations can make you look white and washed so keep this in mind when choosing your base. Using tinted moisturisers with high SPF is the worst base to use for making your skin look white. 

Also if you are using professional lights, make sure your foundation is long lasting and sweat proof. Or if you are taking pictures outside in the heat, bring oil blotting papers. 

Don't forget your neck, shoulders and chest
If you are wearing spaghetti straps, check out your chest and shoulders to make sure there is no blemishes or tan lines. Either use foundation or tanner to even skin tone.

Apply powder
Depending on your skin type, and how much coverage you want, apply either a pressed powder or a translucent powder. 

Heavier make up for flash photography
You may find that you need to apply your make up slightly heavier for photos. Blush and bronzer is great as it gives your skin more colour and stops it looking washed out. 

Sparkles can make you shine...but not in a good way
Be careful when applying make up with sparkles as the flash from the camera can make it look shiny. 

Here is a great blog post from Ingrid on flattering photo angles you should all check out! :)

What are your tips on taking a great photo?


  1. I can relate to this! I use bb cream and I think because it has SPF, when I take photos at night my face is like white! As you can see i'm a make up noobie lol

  2. These tips are so true! I carry blotting paper with me everywhere, so I can make sure I remove shine before taking photos, if possible! ;)

    I'm struggling to find good ways to take photos for my blog! That seems even harder!

  3. Kerker - Hahaha it happens to the best of us. Maybe some powder over it and blush/bronzer/lipstick/eyes emphasis.

    Ohh MM you are prepared :) Ohhh I'm looking at getting a new camera to see if it creates better photos.

  4. Great tips and lovely blog - following! :)

    xx, Susann

  5. Thanks Susann :) I love the pictures on your blog. The outside setting is so beautiful XO

  6. Wow....! Lovely tips.Love your blog too....!