Rave: Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream

Monday 30 January 2012

This is one of my favourite things at the moment! I always get so excited to use it each morning. And I am so excited to tell you about it. 

Jurlique is one of my favourite brands. They have beautiful products, that have quality ingredients and they don't test on animals. 

Their Daily Exfoliating Cream is fantastic since it is has no harsh grains that will upset sensitive skin. It is soft enough for everyday use, and makes your skin feel soft and silky after each use. What I love is that it doesn't make my skin red afterwards. Some exfoliators make my skin a bit red and sensitive, but this one is so nourishing I don't have to worry. I have found my skin looks clearer since I've been using it.

It cleans the skin, while also buffing away dead skin cells by oats and almonds. Honey and Macadamia Oil helps to keep your skin moisturised. 

Anyone who has sensitive skin, or dry skin will love this! 

Have you tried this? Or have you tried a daily exfoliating cream?


  1. Oooh... thanks for the suggestion, I love jurlique so I'll definitely pick this one up next time :)

  2. I don't have very sensitive skin so can use most defoliators with no problem. I actually really like scrubs with very fine beads for a deeper cleanse.

  3. I have only ever tried one Jurlique product and that was because it was included in last month's glossybox. Looks like I have been missing out! Would love to try this :)
    Are their products pricey? and where can you get them from?

  4. Diagnonscence - Jurlique have a GWP on at David Jones at the moment, and this is actually one of the free things you get, so if you need anything go to DJs :)

    Evanscencessy - Ohhh lucky you. My skin seens to go red very easily :(

    MsBilliLilli - They are pricey, but they are definitely worth it! The quality of their ingredients is worth every cent. Check out their website :)