Rave: Sodashi Calming Rose Mist

Tuesday 10 January 2012

I was lucky enough to win this last year in a gift bag and was really excited to use it as I had never used Sodashi products before. I had heard they were amazing, but since they are expensive and not available at my local shopping center I never had been able to try them. 

The word "Sodashi" translates into wholeness, purity and radiance," which is what the company is about. They are an Australian company that don't test on animals, use packaging that is recyclable and use only natural ingredients - no synthetic chemicals, fragrances or preservatives. 

It can be used as a toner or used throughout the day to freshen up your skin and body. Some of the ingredients are purified water, damask rose, vitamin C and grapefruit extract. 

One great thing about them is that they include on their bottles the batch number, date made and the best before date. I'm not sure about you, but I LOVE this. It's also one of the reasons I like purchasing from Lush, since they also have this as well. Its hard to know from buying something from a chemist or department store how long it has been there, and when it was made. 

For a toner, I normally prefer a spray rather than a liquid one you apply with a cotton ball. So this was perfect! I also loved the packaging. It is simple in a black bottle with white writing, but looks very elegant. 

The verdict - I LOVED it!!!! It has to be the best toner I have EVER used. The smell is so divine! It smells like you have fresh roses in your bathroom every morning. It is nice and hydrating, and made my skin really soft. You can tell they use quality ingredients.  

Do I think it is worth the money? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is incredible. Even though it is $77.20, it is worth every penny. Would I buy it? Sadly no. The thing is, I'm a stay at home mum and it is a lot of money to spend considering I'm not working. But once I do back to work i will DEFINITELY be buying this!! If you can afford it, go out and buy it. You honestly will love it. They have a Clay Cleanser with Lavender which look incredible. I will be putting that on my wish list to buy!!

Check out their website here

Has anyone used Sodashi products before? Is anyone looking at the website and putting some products on their wishlist? :)


  1. I got this in my goody bag from Zoe Foster's book signing... I haven't used it much as I'm a bit turned off the smell to be honest. I'll have to drag it back out :) x

  2. It sounds lovely! Also sounds great that the products are dated too :) Love that about Lush also, so easy to see when they will expire etc! xx

  3. Ohhh no Chelsea, I love the smell. Its funny how people are so different with smells. Still try it to see how it feels on your skin :)

    Corrina, It truly is lovely! I wish more skincare had expiry dates. At least then you know it is safe to use.