Are You Cool Or Warm?

Wednesday 22 February 2012

While there are no set "rules" in make up, there are guidelines on what works well with certain skintones, shapes and textures. They are there to help you, not to tell you what to do. 

One of those guidelines is about skintone. It helps you to know what colours work best on you. It doesn't mean that you can't wear certain colours, it just is a general guide that you might not suit a particular colour. There are always exceptions, and sometimes you can pull off that colour. 

You will either be cool or warm toned. The best way to tell the difference is by the veins on your inner wrist. 

If you have blue veins it indicates you have a cool skin tone, and green veins mean a warm skin tone. If you have veins that aren't completely blue or green, but more of a mixture, you can see what jewellery looks best on you. Place a silver item, then a gold item against your skin. If silver compliments you more, you are cool, and if gold is a winner then you are warm. 

Now sometimes you may have blue veins, but gold looks better. Or vice versa. Remember it is just a general rule. Sometimes our hair colour can impact it, especially if you have dyed your hair. 

If your a cool chick...
Welcome to my group!! There are many different colours we can wear. Some of the more complimentary colours are blue based reds, berry, plum, silver, blue, pink, purple, fuchsia, green. This includes colours on your lips/eyes/cheeks. The best thing about using blue based red lips is that it will make your teeth look whiter! 

Personally I love browns. Now they normally say stay away from coppers and bronze colours. This is true for me. If I wear something too gold, instead of a variation of brown, it does make my skin look odd. But if you like wearing bronze, then go for it! Apricot, cream and coral can be harder to pull off too.

If you're warm toned ...
Then you're a hot chick! Colours which will make you glow like a goddess include bronze, brown, copper, yellow, orange, peach, olive, chocolate, turquoise and brick like colours. 

Remember to still experiment with other colours as you may be able to pull them off! You will never know if it suits you until you try it out.

Do you follow the rules or are you a rule breaker?


  1. I can't tell if my veins are blue or green :( I swear I'm colourblind or something haha. No idea if I'm warm/cool toned but either way, I don't think I'd follow the 'rules'.

  2. I am definitely a rule breaker...while I'm warm toned and often wear bronzes, I also love wearing silver accessories and often wear silver eye make up, too. :)

    I think rules are meant to be broken, life is so much more fun that way! ;)

    Great article as always, hun!

  3. This was an interesting blog. Not sure if I’m cool or warm as I can’t really tell if my veins are blue or green (I think green?) In saying that, I do prefer silver over gold and more bright colours over browns/bronze, so I guess I do break the rules too.

  4. I'm most definitely cool toned and always wear silver jewellery, but because of my blue eyes, I tend to lean towards warmer eye shadows like bronzes :)

  5. As always another great post. Thankyou for commenting on my blog.


  6. Definitely a rule breaker, I mix it up xxxx

  7. Hahaha i think most of us are rule breakers :)

    Another way of seeing if you are cool or warmed toned is to wear a white then a cream tshirt. If the pure white looks better you are cool, and if you look better in the cream you are warm toned XO

  8. I'm one of the cool gang! (pun totally intended).
    But I cannot resist goldish brown eyeshadows, go figure