Battle Of The Beauties: Sunsilk Keratinology Vs Dove Overnight Treatment

Sunday 12 February 2012

I really love overnight leave in treatments. They are great for the time poor who don't have 20 minutes to leave a hair treatment on. They are also great as they aren't super expensive. I love them because you can help repair your hair overnight and wake up with softer hair the next day. I love to put them in my hair in the day if I am just relaxing at home.

Which one did I like more... 

Firstly the Dove "Intensive Repair Overnight Treatment" is really nice. I also tried their Intensive Repair Treatment Mask, which I found made my hair oily and weighed it down. I only like to use this one the night before I wash my hair as it is quite thick and can make my hair feel oily. It works really well and after I have washed my hair, it feels so soft and hydrated. 

The Keratinology "Advanced Reconstruction Program Overnight Treatment" is amazing. It is one of my favourite hydrating products. It isn't heavy or doesn't weigh my hair down. I can use it in between washes and it doesn't leave my hair feeling oily. It really makes a huge difference to dry hair. The overnight treatment works amazing with their hair masks. 

If I had to pick, I would go with the Sunsilk Keratinology treatment over the Dove treatment. I found it had slightly better results and felt nicer in my hair too.

Have you tried either of these?

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  1. I am currently using the Dove intense repair overnight treatment and its nice. I have yet to try out the sunsilk one. Great review btw and I am now following you ^_^.