Beauty Coupon Deals

Saturday 4 February 2012

Websites like "Groupon," "Living Social" and "Cudo" offer some amazing beauty packages. Some are offering hundreds or even thousands off their packages and sound too good to be true.

Here are some things to watch out for before you hit the "buy now" button.

Would you pay full price for it? 
Saving $79 might sound amazing, but if you had to pay full price would you really want it? If you go buy a hair package and they colour your hair, what will you do in 4-6 weeks when you have regrowth? Since different salons use different brands (and have a different range of colours) you might find when you go back to your usual salon that they can't match the colour seamlessly and you will be stuck with two different colours in your hair. 

Also you might save money, but if you don't really need it, you are really just wasting your money.

Read the conditions
There is always fine print. Some of the conditions might be that you need to book and quote your voucher number, cannot be used on weekends or Thursday nights, only one voucher can be redeemed per person, you must give 24 hours cancellation notice or the voucher is forfeited and cannot be used with any other promotions.  Also check conditions on the group buying website.

Read reviews on the company
It is important to read any reviews on the salon. While the deal may be amazing, their customer service or quality of products may be lacking.

Location is important
If you are having to travel an hour and pay tolls that may just minus the money you have saved. Also if you can only use the voucher Mondays to Wednesdays, can you really be bothered rushing from work to the city to get a relaxing massage. 

Some sites have a minimum 
You might buy the deal, but if enough people don't then the deal isn't on. You won't be charged, but you will miss out on the deal.

Businesses may close down
You may buy a voucher only to find 6 months later the salon has closed down. You can try to get your money back from the site, but don't be surprised if you have issues getting in touch with them. Since these sites are new, they aren't regulated like most businesses. 

You may not get great customer service
The majority of customers won't come back again, so sometimes you find that the service you get won't be as great as their regulars. 

Have you bought any deals from these group sites? 


  1. I got a hair voucher once. Never again the missed a spot on the left side of my hair. Highly noticeable. I was meant to get a style cut but it was just a trim even though I did tell her what I wanted. I got home noticed that I had colour all down my neck :(

  2. Ohh no :( I know it is very hit and miss. One of my work mates bought one, and had a really great experience and every few months they do another coupon offer, so she buys it so she has become a regular now. XO

  3. Hi! I think all your points are good ones especially re location. There are a few deals in my city (adelaide) that have seemed good but then u realise you have to travel to the other side of town to redeem it. I had a good experience w my first ever scoopon - at a local nail bar. But when getting restaurant ones I've had up & down experiences (eg. Substituting listed wine for a much cheaper one on the day!).

  4. Definitely great points and all things I consider when deciding if I should buy a voucher or not. I also like to buy restaurant vouchers as it's a good way of trying new places out and finding new favourites...even with walking in, you can sometimes have a bad experience, so I see nothing wrong with buying a voucher and giving it a go, that way I save some cash and potentially find a new favourite restaurant! :)