Eye Primer: Requirement Or A Rip Off?

Sunday 26 February 2012

Many years ago I used to think that primers were just a waste of money (I was very silly back then), and refused to waste money on something that did nothing. How wrong I was! One day I was at Napoleon trialing a new foundation and the make up artist applied a primer. It made SUCH a difference! It made my skin look and feel healthier, even out my skintone and made my foundation last all day.

If you think an eye primer is a waste of money, think again! Not only will it keep creases away, it will make your eye shadow last all day. It is perfect for when you need your eye make up to last from day to night. If you live in humid tropical conditions, it can help it to stop smudging. If you buy cheaper eye shadows, it can help increase the quality of it. 

I really love the Australis "Eyeshadow Primer." Urban Decay, Too Faced, Face Of Australia and Mac all do eye primers. 

The great thing about eye primer is that there is one to suit your budget. So many brands have released one, that there is no reason not to buy one to try out. I know you will end up being converted too!     

Do you use an eye primer? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I swear by my Kanebo brightening facial primer! It's magic!

    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  2. I'm using Jordana eye primer and it's really good. I want to try the Australis one though, as I love majority of their products!


  3. I can't live without my Smashbox primer (all over) and either UDPP or Shadow Insurance for eyes! How is the Australis eye primer?

  4. I first got into eye primers when I lived in Hawaii- it seemed like I'd step outside and my eyeshadow would evaporate! I swear by UDPP- even if I'm just wearing eyeliner and mascara, I still use it, just in case:)




  5. Urban Decay Primer Potion is my favourite by far. I'm about to upload a 'What's in my mailbox?' post featuring a new tube of the primer in the new packaging. Very exciting. Click here to see my review. Sophie @ Born to Buy

  6. I don't wear eyeshadow often so never bothered to use primers in the rare instances I did wear eyeshadow. But recently I bought the Naked palette which came with the UDPP. I obviously can't compare with any other primers but I am definitely liking it so far.

  7. I have recently bought the Australis eye primer. Its my first eye primer so I have nothing to compare it to but I think it is doing a great job. I have noticed my eye shadows have more staying power and don't crease or 'imprint'. Great post =)

  8. Susann I haven't heard of that before!! I'll have to keep an eye out for it when ive run out of my Australis one :)

    MM the Australis one is really good, especially for the price! It stops creases, which is my main issue.

    Sair I love it! It was my first primer and I was really happy with it. Such a great price too!

  9. I use LaSplash eyeshadow sealer, it's a bit sticky but is perfect for pigments. It lasts all day on me, I never have to touch up.