How To Get Kissable Lips

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Since today is Valentines Day, this post is about how to get, and keep, your lips kissable. 

Exfoliate your lips
To make them look and feel kissable, exfoliating is important. It helps to make your lips look soft, smooth and stops your lipstick from looking gross. There are a few ways which you can exfoliate your lips. 

You can use a dedicated lip scrub. I love Lush's Bubblegum Lip Scrub. It is amazing! Otherwise you can make your own scrub by crushing up 2 strawberries and a tablespoon of sugar. Either apply with your fingers or with a cloth. You can also buff away dry skin on your lips with a old toothbrush. 

Lip Balm
Put the moisture back into your lips by using a balm that contains yummy ingredients to moisturise your lips and make them feel soft and smooth. Look for ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and almond oil.

Looking good doesn't always feel nice
As gorgeous as glossy lips look, it doesn't mean your partner wants gloss all over their lips! Think about the smell, taste and feel of your lip product. Lip plumpers can make your lips look kissable, but taste and feel gross. You don't want to numb your partners lips! So if you plan on using one, make sure you do it at the start of the night well before your good night kiss. Otherwise you can also add a pinch of cinnamon to your lips before applying your colour. It acts as a natural lip plumper. 

Keep glosses to a minimum. Choose a tint which will last longer and not end up all over your partner. If you go with a lipstick, choose a budge proof, long lasting formula.

Use lipliner wisely
Make sure you apply your lipliner properly, or it can just make you look like a tragic 80s/90s wannabe. Either choose the same colour as your lipstick/tint or if you are going for a nude look, choose the same colour as your natural lips.

A few extra things to remember
Use a whitening toothpaste to keep teeth looking nice. If you are planning on wearing a bright lipstick, there will be more emphasis on your mouth and teeth so make sure both are in great condition. 

Smoking will form lines quicker around your mouth making you look older. It can also cause mouth and lip cancers. 

Are you doing red or pink lips for Valentines Day? 

What is your favourite lip product? I really love Model Co lip glosses. They aren't suitable for kissing, but are so glossy and moisturising!



  1. Great tips! I like the sound of the strawberry and sugar lip scrub. My fave lip product at the moment is the Maybelline Color Sensation lippy in Coral Crush - a very vibrant coral red colour! Wearing it today! Have a Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Ohhh I'll have to try that! I love coral lips and nails atm. Perfect for summer (even though Sydney is covered in rain!). Have a wonderful day! I hope you feel very loved! :) XO