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Monday 20 February 2012

I don't know about you, but I'm always apprehensive about ordering things online from overseas. Whether you are using a big well known site, a smaller little known site or even a eBay seller it can be a risk. Some places don't have tracking, others are selling items so cheap it makes you question their authenticity and some have such long shipping times that it would just be quicker to swim overseas to pick it up! 

I was wanting to buy a few things from a US site called Kiss and Make Up. When I researched them they had probably 8 good experiences out of 9. So while it wasn't perfect, the majority of people were happy with them.  

I choose to cross my fingers (pay extra for insurance) and hope for the best! Luckily everything was ok! I got my package in just over 2 weeks and there were no breakages.

I bought ...

Laura Mercier Travel Brush Set (US$85.00)
Read about it here

Laura Mercier Eye and Cheek Palette (US$60.00)
Read about it here to see swatches

Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card (US$38.00)
Read about it here to see swatches

With the Australian Dollar so high and cheap shipping ($14.90 with insurance), it makes sense to buy them from overseas. 

Do you buy much from overseas? What are your favourite sites to buy from?


  1. I buy everything online. In fact, I recently uploaded a post about my favourite places to buy online. - Sophie @ Born to Buy

  2. I do most of my beauty shopping online (ebay and some other US sites). I love your gorgeous haul here - I have not tried many LM products but they look divine.

  3. I've never purchased anything from Kiss and Make Up. I'm really glad that you wrote about them, because the only places that I buy online from are from ones that I've previously read about, or heard someone tell me that they've had a good experience with. Great blog! x

  4. What a fantastic haul, hun!

    I love KMNY, they have great stuff! Love Laura Mercier but it's so overpriced here in Aust...the beauty card looks fab, I'm always looking for thin and slim products, especially when I go travelling!

  5. I'm glad you liked the post Moxie. I'm the same. I won't order from a place that doesn't have good reviews.

    MM - I love them now!! And because the aussie dollar is sooo good it is even cheaper for us! :)

  6. I like to buy from overseas, but mostly just hair products from Asia:) Love the products you bought!



  7. I buy overseas ALL THE TIME but I've just started my online shopping ban (nearly one month of the way through, out of six) but it's so hard. I've heard of this site - they sell cheap Nars I think! Very tempting!

  8. Ashley - I would like to buy more from overseas, but its so much hassle if you need to exchange/return.

    Ohhh Sue, i feel for you being on the ban!! I don't think I could do it. XO

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