Lead In Lipstick

Tuesday 21 February 2012

On twitter, there is a link to the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) site about lead found in lipstick. They bought 400 lipsticks from various brands between February and July 2010 to test lead levels. 

The good news is....

There isn't enough lead in lipstick to put you in danger. Unless you are eating kilos of it everyday, lipstick is still safe.  There is only a small amount in some lipsticks, but it isn't enough to pose any safety issues. 

But if you are concerned about any nasties in your lipstick, have a look on the site to see if there are any lipsticks you use on the list. You can see the list here

But it is a good lesson to remember to check what you are putting onto your skin ...

While luckily lipstick is still safe, it is a great reminder for us, as consumers, to pay more attention to what ingredients are in our products. Google is great for searching for those hard to pronounce ingredients. 

Will this list stop you from using your favourite lipstick?


  1. Not gonna stop wearing lipstick, there's more lead in our drinking water and nobody's creaming over that.

  2. True Carla! I think it just is a great reminder to watch what we eat/drink/use :) XO