Lust Have It February 2012

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Considering we didn't get a LHI box in January, I had high expectations for the February box. I was so excited to get it, and as usual it has a few things in there that I hadn't seen before.

So what is in there?

Lancome "Juicy Tubes" (7mls)
This is my favourite thing in the box. I was lucky to get a gorgeous glossy pinky red colour. It is a cute travel size. It smells fruity and is super glossy (just how I love my lip glosses). It has a slight glitter look to it. It is the perfect everyday colour since it has just enough colour to be noticeable, but not too much colour that it is overpowering.

Lush "Sugar Scrub" 
I have actually used this before. Since my skin is a bit sensitive, it is too harsh on my body, but I love it as a foot scrub. It smells really nice, and actually made the box smell beautiful when you open it. Make sure you don't put it directly in water or it will disintegrate (since it is made of sugar)!

Sasy n Savy "Rose Lavender Hand n Nail Repair Creme" (5ml)
This is a really nice hand cream. It smells floral and is really beautiful (but you may disagree if you don't like floral scents). It also sinks into the skin really quickly, isn't greasy and makes your hands feel like silk. It contains macadamia oil, vitamin C & E to keep you hands soft and hydrated. My only negative about it was it is a very small sample, so you only have few uses. And since it is so nice, it would have been nice to get a bigger sample. I'll have to buy a full size one (which is $25.00 for 100lms)

LAC Taut "Collagen Infusion Mask" (1 mask)
This mask is to help brighten and tone your skin. It also hydrates it. Put the full cloth mask onto your face for 10 minutes then remove the mask, but rub in any cream left on your skin. Your skin will look like you had a facial afterwards!  I can't wait to try this!

Daveroe "Tame Lemongrass Detangler" (50ml)
This is such a great size to be able to try. I was a bit apprehensive when I saw it was lemongrass but the smell reminded me of a hair salon. It also has jasmine, aloe, passionflower and ylang ylang in it. I haven't heard of the brand before. They are Australian owned and made, don't test on animals, and are free of parabens and petrochemicals.

It also contained some information for ages 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. I normally don't like getting advertising in the boxes as they are a waste, but these ones are really good since they let you know what ingredients you should be using for your age.

Overall I was really happy with the box. While I have used 2 of the products the other 3 I hadn't and I can't wait to use the mask! Since LHI have given a survey for their members to fill out, it will be interesting to see what the next few boxes are like. I like whats in the box, but LHI have the most boring presentation out of all 5 of the boxes. It would be nice if they would just have a bit more personality with their box to help them stand out more. 

Are you impressed with the LHI box, or are you starting to get boxed out?

This month I am deciding on what boxes to ditch. I am hoping to drop 1-2 boxes, so stay tuned on what I decide. 


  1. i am the first to comment. Yay! I like this box and cant wait to get mine. Mine said on board with driver. I hope to get the lipgloss color like yours.
    BTW i love your blog and am one of your follower.

  2. awesome review. hoping to get my LHI box either today or tomorrow. Looking forward to the lancome juicy tube the most.

    How many boxes do you subscribe to? I currently subscribe to 3 and just cant bring myself to knock any off!

  3. Crystie - you might get the same colour. LHI normally don't have different colours like other beauty box services. thanks for following XO

    My Little Rabbit - I have signed up to all 5 (ekkk!!) I need to get rid of 1 or 2, so I will see what the box is like and decide at the end of the month. I'm so torn as I love Bellabox and Beauty basket. Like LHI and ILTB but not every month wows me. And while I like Glossybox, they have so many issues that it is just frustrating. I don't know what to do!

  4. This box seems great! I think the detangler looks awesome! I am all about hair products these days. Gotta find SOMETHING to tame my mop of curly hair!

    I really need to start signing up for some of these boxes that are available in Canada!

  5. Really excited about this month's box- the products are really nice! I am currently using Davroe shampoo and conditioner- they are a really good Australian brand and my hairdresser recommended them too.
    I am not really fussed about the box as it is just the packaging, it is what's inside that matters!

  6. I just received my box too! I have to say it feels a little less full because the hand cream is hardly a sample at all but I love the rest of the stuff. I think we all got the same colour Juicy Tubes (which mind you is a really gorgeous colour that I think everyone will love). I wonder why you got all of the SpaUniverse cards though as I only got the 20s one (assuming because I am in my 20s) - I was a little confused though since we don't have any Priori/Decleour products in the box.

    I'm most excited about the detangler surpringly, perfect size and love that it's Aussie, free of nasties and vegan. I've also only recently heard of Davroe so it was perfect timing. I'll actually probably purchase some of their other products now.

  7. I'm away at the moment so my box is waiting in the PO back home to be collected! Its not a bad box, I did fill out their survey too so looking forward to seeing the future boxes! I'm signed up to 4, its so hard to decide between them!

  8. Oooh thanks for posting! Can't wait to get mine, it looks fab!! x

  9. Oooh I wish we had this box in the UK! It's looks so good! Great post and great blog - you've got another follower =)
    Jess xx

  10. Thanks for another great review. I love getting the sneak peaks...I obviously have no self-control! I actually don't mind having a really plain box, I'd much rather my money go to product rather than packaging.

  11. I really liked this box. But I only got the 20ies skincare card which is fine with me. I think I'll do the mask tomorrow so I can put my glow on for the weekend xx

  12. I'm not sure I'm going to keep LHI, really can't make up my mind! But I do think 4 is too many for me to have each month!