Rave: Grown Hand Cream

Friday 24 February 2012

I was lucky enough to get this in my Priceline gift bag (which you can read about here). I had never tried Grown but had always seen it in Priceline. I was always interested in trying out their products, but I have a love hate relationship with trying out new skincare. Skincare is always a hit or miss. I will either love a product or hate it. So I was really excited to be able to try something from them. While it isn't skincare as such, its nice to be able to try something from the brand before making a purchase. 

The hand cream I have is "Vanilla and Orange Peel." I really wasn't sure about the scent since you have one main ingredient that is sweet and the other is citrus. It is a really unusual smell. When you first apply it, you notice the orange peel. It is a nice soft zesty smell that isn't overpowering but is uplifting. I couldn't really smell the vanilla. But after about 15 minutes you could start to smell the vanilla and it smelt gorgeous. 

It is really nourishing, but it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy. It also keeps your hands moisturised for quite a while. It is suitable for your body and feet also. 

The great thing about the brand is that it doesn't test on animals and they use certified organic ingredients.

Explanation on the packaging about the ingredients
I love on the packaging that it explains what the ingredients are and what they do. Eg. "Flavonoids and Omega 3 and 6 from Sea Buckthorn Berry visibly improve skin elasticity and softness." So many times we just use things, without knowing why the company chose the ingredients. I love not only knowing the ingredients that I'm putting onto my body, but also what benefits the ingredients have. It is great it is on the packaging so I'm not having to spend time googling each product.

They have similar pricing to Jurlique. You can check out their products here. I really like the sound of their facial serum, facial exfoliant and their lip balm. 

Have you used Grown products before?


  1. I haven't but it looks great. Beautiful packaging too x

  2. I had a tube of this a few years back, when they first launched. It's really a lovely cream and I've re-bought it. I believe the range was orginally developed for those recovering from/undergoing chemo.

  3. the packaging looks lovely but havent tried this brand before

  4. I use this cream all the time at work as it sinks straight in, so I don't have to worry about either having to wash it off or wait to go back to work. Love.

  5. Oh, I love those type of scents, might have to try this out sometime but I already have so many hand creams on the go!