Temporary Lip Tattoos....A Do Or Don't?

Saturday 18 February 2012

There are some beauty trends that are universally loved, like bright lips. Other trends you will either love or hate. Ombre hair and lip "tattoos" are a trend that you either get and love, or confuses and annoys you. 

Lip Tattoos go into the "Huh?!" territory for me. I don't think they are wearable for the average person and seem pricey for something that only lasts a few hours. I think I would be too concerned with peeling to really enjoy wearing them, so I'll be sticking to lipstick.

But if you are interested in trying them out here are some tips ...

Read the instructions! If you apply them incorrectly and need to peel them off, it will hurt.

Make sure you measure them properly or will end up with uneven looking lips. 

Make sure you wait at least 5-10 minutes before applying anything onto you lips, like lip gloss. If you apply lip gloss to early, your lip tattoos will start to peel and flake off.

They can make your lips feel dry or like they are cracking, so make sure you apply a moisturising lip balm so you don't lick your lips. 

Keep an eye on them, especially in the corners, if you are wearing them out to dinner or are having drinks.

The corners of the mouth are easily misjudged and you can end up with skin showing. Get a lipstick that is the same, or similar shade, and go over missed sections. Clinique's Chubby Sticks are perfect for filling in gaps! 

Make up remover or olive oil will make it come off easily once you are done. 

They can be great for a party or if you have an out there personality. They aren't really great for everyday use or if you are eating greasy foods. 

Are you a fan of temporary lip tattoos?


  1. I love them! I personally haven't tried them yet but i think they look fun. I agree with you, not for everyday use!

  2. I'm glad some like the trend. For me it just looks bizarre. And NOT in a good way.

  3. I like the trend for a fun night out. Not so much for wearing during the day, that's just odd. But they are cute to have one or two of the designs for clubbing or whatnot :) And it is so fun seeing celebrities sport these. Katy Perry wore the pink glitter ones during her Grammy's performance.

  4. I am not a fan at all and I cannot see myself every wearing this out...it looks just too weird for me.

  5. Those are actually really cool! Don't think the boyfriend would like it too much, though ;)

    XX Kathryn

  6. I think these might be good for a night out or special occasion, but not every day use. Have you tried it, hun?

    I haven't tried it myself but I actually wouldn't mind giving it a go, at least once. :)

  7. Kathryn, i agree! I don't think boys get it.

    I think everyone is in agreement that its not for every day.

    MM I haven't tried them, but that's because most of their designs are pretty out there. I want one that looks like lipstick hahahaha

  8. When I first saw these, my first thought was "Are you serious?!" As much as I love the new and innovative which come onto the beauty market, I think this is going a bit too far/crazy, however I am sure there are those who will love this trend.