Battle Of The Beauties: Australis Eyeshadow Primer vs Face Of Australia

Sunday 11 March 2012

If your a regular reader of my blog, you know how much I love the Australis Eyeshadow Primer. I recently bought the Face Of Australia eye shadow primer to see how they compared. There are a few differences, and I like both for different reasons.

Personally I prefer the ease of the FOA primer pot. It's more of an eye shadow pot rather than the tube Australis has. The Australis packaging makes it harder to see how much of the product is left. It is also bigger and bulkier, so if you are travelling the FOA is much better size wise.

The FOA I bought for $7.95, while the Australis was $12.95. The great thing is they are always having sales on at priceline where you either get $3 off, or they do 3 for 2 promotions. Both are great prices, especially if you are on a budget.

While the Australis primer is the only one in the range, the FOA has 2 versions. You can either choose a matte or a shimmer primer.

I love the Australis primer. It's amazing! It really does hold your eye shadow all day. It helps to either stop creases. The FOA primer lasts as long as the Australis primer, but I did notice a crease with it. 

Personally, I found the Australis to be better suited to my needs. I love how the FOA primer shimmers and makes the eye shadow look, but found the Australis really did make my eye shadow last. I will probably mix both to hel the FOA last the distance. 

Is there a eye primer you think I should try?


  1. could you please to comparison swatches for the FOA primer + how it holds eyeshadow compared to australis?

  2. I recently bought my first Australis product, the HD Paparazzi blush, I love it! I generally don't go too creative with my eyeshadow only ever go for a light neutral shade so I'm not sure if I'll be needing a primer anytime soon, but apparantly the elf or MUA ones are pretty good for budget brands. I wish we could buy MUA onlie but maybe you might find it on ebay!

    joanne from

  3. Hi Linny - I'm hoping to do swatches on Wednesday.

    Jimmi Lou - I haven't tried the Australis blush. Try more of Australis products! They are great! :)

  4. Urban Decay Primer Potion, totally awesome! But so hard to find. :(

    Otherwise Too Faced Shadow Insurance! :)

  5. I really like FoA's shimmer base! I thought I would buy it and use it as an eyeshadow with a bit of black eyeliner for a sweet, glittery look.