Beauty After Baby

Thursday 15 March 2012

Today marks 1 year since I had my daughter. In that year I have learnt A LOT about how beauty can really impact you. Here are some of the lessons I've learnt that I wanted to share with you. (And even if you don't have children, this post is still for you!! It contains tips for busy women!)

Some of the tips I use include ... 

Beauty can make you feel better
In those early weeks, even a swipe of lipstick and mascara can make you feel human again. The power of a simple shower (along with using a beautiful smelling bodywash) can reinvigorate you!

Some days you won't care
When you are (barely) surviving on 3 hours sleep a day, basic hygiene can seem too much. You'll learn to embrace dirty hair (and love dry shampoo) and that having a 20 minute nap over having a shower is more important. And its ok!! You can't be a goddess everyday, and some days beauty will be so unimportant even applying moisturiser isn't on your list of things to do.

Have 5 easy hairstyles
No matter how busy you are, think of 5-7 easy hairstyles that you can use (besides a pony) for those days when you're busy. Plaits, braids, headbands and buns are fantastic and easy. And speaking of hair...YES your hair will fall out. I felt like I was going to go bald if I lost anymore hair. But eventually it will stop! And the upside is that it will grow back looking gorgeous! 

Streamline your beauty 
When you no longer have an hour to get ready, its time to ditch the non essentials. As great as it is to use a deep conditioner on your hair for 20-30 minutes, or curl your eyelashes, when you are busy it is not doable!

There have been too many times to count that I have been mid shower, with conditioner in my hair or a face mask on and have had to get out to settle my daughter. It is hard not to get your baby wet and keep free from conditioner or face mask in this situation. So I have learnt to plan washing my hair either in the night or on the weekend when my hubby is there to attend to her. If you have no support, either a quick 1-3 minute face or hair mask is perfect. You can still get the benefits of silky hair or soft skin without the 20 minute wait. 

Otherwise overnight leave in treatments are great too. They have come along way in the last few years and most are fine to use without ruining your sheets and pillows. 

Many mums (and mums to be) find their skin goes berserk from all the hormones. Sometimes you will get blemishes, even when you haven't had one since you were a teen. I found my skin was incredibly dry. The good news is you don't have to change your complete skincare. You may just need to add a treatment or buy a new moisturiser. 

One item you need is a serum. There are so many different types. No matter what your skin concerns are, there is one that will suit your needs. Rosehip oil is great as a cheaper alternative for serums. They are normally between $15-$30 and last for ages.

Another great item is an eye cream to help combat bags under your eyes and puffiness. Leave it in the fridge for the added benefit of cooling.

Use an exfoliating glove. Instead of exfoliating, using a separate body wash and then lathering up to shave, I use the glove to not only wash my body but lather up to shave. It can actually shave off (pardon the pun) a few minutes to your shower routine! 

Make Up
A tinted moisturiser or a BB cream is a fantastic alternative to a foundation, and much quicker and easier to use. 

Using a clear mascara will help to make your lashes darker and glossier, but you don't have to be perfect with your application since there won't be any tell tale smudges. 

Tinted lip balm is great for a quick swipe of colour and moisture. Because it isn't as pigmented as a lipstick, it is much easier to fix up if you go outside the lip line.

Keep two of your favourite lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, etc in a cosmetics bag so you don't have to rummage around trying to find your everyday favourites. A palette is also great for getting ready quick as most have lips, cheeks and eye products in them. 

What are our favourite tips for when you're in a hurry?

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