Bellabox March 2012

Monday 19 March 2012

This morning my Bellabox arrived. I had seen a sneak peak on another blog, but when I got mine, I had 1 different item.

So what did I get ...?

Yes To Carrots Lip Tint in "Ready Red"
I'm really glad I got the red, as I have WAY to many pinks. I haven't tried their lip tints before so I couldn't wait to see the quality and how much tint there actually is. It surprisingly had more tint than I expected. My lips are quite pink naturally and "tints" normally don't do much, so I was thrilled that it was quite red. I love that it is organic (well 95%) and paraben free.

Pure Fuji Coconut Hydrating Body Lotion
This is a great deluxe sample that is perfect for travel. I love Pure Fuji poducts since they smell amazing!! And this is no exception. It smells divine. The scent lasted all day and I can still smell it. It was moisturising too and my skin felt hydrated all day. I will be buying the full size!

U little Beauty Natural Repair Hair Masque 
I got the masque (even though the card said it was the shine serum?!). I have always seen this range at Priceline and have always wanted to try it, but never did as I hadn't heard enough reviews to know if it was worth my money. I love the packaging. I'm currently alternating the O&M Power Base and the Moroccan Oil Mask, but once I have finished the MO mask, I'll start using this.

I hadn't seen this before or tried anything like this. They are little gels that you apply to your eyes to temporarily erase lines for up to 10 hours.  This sample contains 3 eye gels to apply. I found these a bit useless solely because wrinkles around my eyes aren't really an issue. They are also supposed to erase bags under your eyes. I'll probably try it on a day when I've had little sleep (which is likely to be soon with a sick daughter!), but I can't imagine this being apart of my beauty routine.

Bellamer Eye Balm
This is like a mask for your eyes. You apply it for 15 minutes and wipe off the excess off. Its a small sample, but enough to try a few times to see if it makes a difference.

There was also a biscuit in our box. Except now it's in a bag!! I wonder if they will change their name to Bellabag ;)

My overall impression is that its a good box...(bag?!?!?), but it was nothing special. After the great LHI and ILTB, it fell flat to me. While I liked the products, other than the Pure Fiji sample, nothing made me "Oohhh" or "Aahhh." I wasn't too crazy about 2 of the items being eye samples. I prefer make up/nails/hair over skincare, and 2 eye products was overkill for me.

I'm planning on giving BB one last month, then I will most likely cancel since the last 3 boxes (Jan, Feb and now March) haven't wowed me, and I think I will be ok with missing them, if they continue to have similar boxes.

Did you like your box? If you got the Planet Eve product, let me know if you liked it! 


  1. Didn't receive mine yet but I have been thinking of unsubbing from BB, it hasn't wowed me really since the first box I got in Dec and thinking back it wasn't all that great either!

  2. I love Bella Box because they have the most amazing customer service and the most lovely personal touches. I think when people get the box they are expecting alot of makeup. It's great to sample products and natural products are lovely, but I guess they may be hard to come by too? I haven't been "wowed" either with the content of boxes but it's great to be able to provide feedback so they can take this on board. I just love that Australia has so much choice in beauty boxes, it makes the market quite diverse and competitive = better products for us. Yay! :)

  3. I feel the same about first few boxes I really liked and some of the products I still use and bought replacements of but the last few have just fallen flat. What other boxes do you subscribe to? I love Glossybox - I think their boxes are always good value.

  4. I agree with everyone else. Loved Bella at first but the last couple have been a bit flat. Still really liking it but compared to some other boxes it seems a little dull. Loving I Love This Box. Last two months have been fantastic!
    I got the Planet Eve moisturiser. Don't know how well that will go as I'm only 24 and it's an anti-aging moisturiser. I'll still test it out though. And just ate my cookie. Yum! At least I know I'll be repurchasing those :)

  5. I feel like they are behind the game, but so was Lust Have It and then they blew me away with this months box. Lets hope Bellabox can do the same next months or I think i'll be unsubscribing too.

  6. I agree with all of you! I loved the first few Bellaboxes but the last couple have been a bit lacklustre for me, particularly after the dazzle of this month's LHI and ILTB.

    They can be so hit or miss...they came up with some great products, like the OCC tars, the SF lippy/concealer and the Elytra nail polishes...but the last few months have been kind of slow. I'll be doing my review tomorrow as I'm ready for bed now.

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