Hairdresser Bullies

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Have you ever had one of these? The hairdresser that does what SHE thinks will look good. The hairdresser that takes off 5cm when you ask for a trim. The hairdresser that pushes you into buying products even when you can't afford it.

Well today I had that hairdresser. My usual hairdresser has moved, and it's really hard for me to get to her. I could take my daughter with me, but expecting her to sit in her pram for an hour isn't fair on her. And since she now is walking, its not safe for her to be investigating a place that has scissors and chemicals. So I went somewhere local while my parents (who are here on holiday) minded her.

She was nice enough, but by the time I left the salon I was feeling pretty sh!tty about myself. 

I told her I only wanted to get a cm off since I was growing my hair. She said I needed to get more cut off due to the damage. She pointed up to my ears where she said I needed it cut! Now my hair isn't amazing like Blake Lively's, but it isn't so bad I need to shave my hair. Bleaching and styling damages your hair, but I work hard to keep it in good condition by limiting heat damage and using deep conditioning.

She said I needed to get it cut every 8 weeks. While its true, unless she is offering to babysit its not going to happen. The last time I got my hair cut was Christmas Eve. I would love to get it cut more regularly, but time wise it's so difficult when your a parent or work insane hours.

She also said I need to use protein....Actually I do every week thankyouverymuch!! 

She also said I need to not use supermarket brands like Pantene (she actually said Pantene in horror). Ummmm....I'm using O&M and Tricovedic, which are both salon brands. And so what if I did!!! Not everyone can afford to spend $100 on a shampoo and conditioner. I've found some supermarket brands are more effective than products they sell in salons. A previous boss of mine had the most amazingly healthy and gorgeous long hair and only used Garnier products! 

She said my products have silicone in them and I should be using Sulphate free hair products...both of these brands are free of sulphates. If you're going to trash something, make sure you know about it first! And just because you hate something, you don't need to be rude to people that do like it.

Then she tried to pressure me into buying a range of products. If I had been using supermarket brands, what makes her think I would spend over $100 on hair products!?! 

It really frustrates me when you are bullied into purchasing items. It may work with some, but most customers don't like it and won't return. I don't know why she would think insulting me and my appearance would make me want to buy things from her. If I told a customer that her clothes made her look fat, but the ones from my store made her look skinny, I doubt they would buy from me.

I left feeling very flat, and disappointed. I didn't need a lecture when it was the only time I had to myself. I didn't need to be put down or treated like an idiot. She could have explained why sulphate free is better for your hair, instead of trashing what she thought I was using. I don't mind an explanation why, but treating me like an idiot wasn't needed.

It's really important to never assume something about a customer. The customer that comes in with roots showing and dried ends may be a single mum that scrapped together $40 over 4 months to get her hair cut. Or it could be a business woman that spends 24 days of the month travelling and would prefer to spend the other 6 days she has free relaxing with family rather than in a salon chair. 

Am I overreacting, or would you feel terrible if you had this happen?
Have you been bullied by a hairdresser. 


  1. Oh no what a horrible experience, some hairdressers go a bit ott for sure. Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. You aren't overreacting. I haven't been so much as bullied but I am sick of my hairdresser not listening to me. I have been going to the same local hairdresser for around 5 years and now she just does what she wants with my hair not what I request. I wanted a middle part but she went ahead and did a side part, she never listens to how much I want cut off. I am now looking for a new hairdresser - only problem is being in the country I am going to have to travel around an hour there and back. But to me my hair is worth it :)

  3. Oh gosh, so sorry to hear about your experience! I would most definitely feel the same way! I started going to Asian hairdressers a few years back because firstly the caucasian hairdressers weren't too good with dealing with Asian hair, and secondly they seemed to judge everything I used and always made me feel inferior to them!
    I'm using supermarket brands of shampoo atm because I'm a student on a budget. I would LOVE to have the luxury of forking out $30 + for a bottle of shampoo but I simply cannot justify it. I have heard so many raves about various products but at this point in time, I just have to deal with supermarket brands - which have been working fine for me.
    I agree that it's very important to NEVER assume anything about a customer. You'd think these hairdressers would have training in how to deal with customers so they can retain them but nope, apparently not!

  4. That is a very bad experience. Sorry!! I wonder how many clients the Hairdresser has, since I can't believe that many people would stick around!

  5. Thank you for sharing hun - I am sorry you had a bad experience. That HD needs a life and I can't believe she tried to pretend O&M has silicon in it! I use Scwartzkoph at the moment and am absolutely loving it!

    Ingrid xx

  6. Thanks for all the replies! Its good to know I'm not overreacting :)

    Thanks Jimmi Lou, I am feeling better now. I was just so shocked last night!

    Ohh Steph, its so hard when you have no choice where to go. The only other option is spending lots of money travelling an hour or two!! Its not only a pricey trip, but takes up all day.

    Sue, my hubby goes to an Asian hairdresser, and so does a friend. She pays less than $20 for a blowdry every week! And it looks amazing. Have you tried Sunsilk's new Keratinology range? Its amazing as everything is under $13. It is honestly better than most salon products!! And she did make me feel inferior!!

    Moxie, I know!!!! I wonder how many poor women have been pressured to buy products from her, even when they really can't afford it.

    Thanks Ingrid! Keep continuing to love using it!!! :)

  7. I've had experiences like that too. I want to keep my hair Kong and they cut it sholder length. Hence why its been about a year since I've been to the hair dressers.

  8. Aaargh I can relate! Went to an expensive salon for approx 5 yrs & products always pushed. On 1 occasion they chemically burnt my scalp! Moved to a better salon. Reasonable cost & good customer service but don't listen to me.. show a pic w no layering & say no layers plz but she still does it! /end rant lol :p

  9. Have you ever thought about the poor hairdresser and the constant pressure that she is put under EVERY day? Not only has she/he Studied for 3 years to get payed $17 an hour but she/he probably has missed out on her lunch break to spend longer on your hair, has been standing ALL day, get urine infections from not being able to go to the toilet because there is not enuff time and gets told constantly by her boss to sell the products or she won't have a job. The constant rude clients that she has in every day make her sit in her staff room crying but she still returns every day because she loves what she does, have a heart. Not everyone can look like Jennifer Aniston but we do try our best with what we have.

    1. Anonymous (Thursday March 29, 2012)

      How does that justify being rude to a customer? There are plenty of people who get paid that amount and aren't rude.
      If you are unhappy in your job, find a new one.
      Nobody forced you into doing three years of training for a job that pays minimum wage. That is down to YOUR OWN poor choices in life, again, it does not allow you to insult customers. All the customer wants is their hair done and they want it to be pleasant experience.... I don't think that is too much to ask. If you're a nice person, being nice comes naturally. If it's too hard for you to NOT insult people, then you shouldn't be in a customer service position at all.

      This sort of thing is very common with hairdressers. I am making the choice to not stand for it anymore. The next hairdresser who is audacious enough to insult me will lose me as a customer, on the spot.

  10. Anonymous. Thanks for your view on the other side of being a hairdresser. I know there are some AMAZING hairdressers out there, and many don't get much credit. I work in retail so I understand how stressful it can be dealing with rude customers and targets. My biggest gripe was the fact that she kept insulting me and then pushing products. THAT was her sales technique. Such a horrible technique!! Belittling a customer who is being nice is being a bully. Luckily there aren't many out there like that :) Most are wonderful!!!

  11. I have had the same problem! Although I understand where Anon is coming from; there is NO excuse for insulting a customer's choice of hair product or choice of hair style.
    I have been going back and forth to different hair dressers searching for one who isn't demeaning. I had a hair dresser tell me I should stop dying my hair black (as if it's any of their business) as it's too "goth." I am not goth, at all! And so what if I was? What if that was the style I liked?
    My BF also went to a hair dresser (he has somewhat longer hair) and asked for just a trim.. she cut it SO short, he had to get it practically shaved off!

    Some hair dressers can be lovely, I had a lovely one before I moved away! It's just a shame that some can be bullies!

  12. Sweetaholic- it is so hard finding the perfect hairdresser.

    And I hate how they don't like something on you, so they sometimes "refuse" to do it. You're hair looks gorgeous dark :)