How To Get Shiny Hair For Straight Hair

Sunday 4 March 2012

There is a fine line between shiny hair and greasy hair! Shiny hair can make your hair look healthy and gorgeous. Greasy hair is sometimes what happens when you overload on shine products! 

Read ahead to get your shine on! 

Get Siliconed
If your hair is fine, apply a light misted spray. If your hair is curly or thicker, apply a serum with silicone to damp hair. Concentrate on the ends. If you apply it into the roots, your hair will just look greasy. Some people don't like silicone, so try David Babaii "Miracle Oil Hair Elixir" which is without silicone and parabens.

Be attached
One of the secrets to shine is having your hair cuticle smooth and flat. Make sure you apply a nozzle to your hairdryer. This concentrates the airflow into going only one way. It also helps to stop your hair getting roughed up. Always point the blowdryer down.

Straight ahead
Use a straightener on your hair to help it stay straight and smooth. Don't forget to apply a protective spray first. The best way to make your hair look silky and smooth is to only go over the section once. If you go over it a few times, you will just dehydrate and damage your hair. 

Less is best
Apply a shine spray. If you tend to go overboard with it normally, apply the spray to a hairbrush, then brush through your hair. This way you still get shine, but not enough to get greasy looking locks. Keep a frizz fighting product in your bag if you find that your hair frizzes easily. 

For all you curly haired dolls, check back later for tips o how you can also get shiny hair. 



  1. Love it!

    My hair is frizzy, half curly, half boofy, and it's normally too much effort to straighten daily, I just stick it in a bun.

  2. awesome tips! I have really long straight fine hair but recently my hair has been falling out like crazy, do you have any tips to reduce it? Havent changed any of my hair products.

  3. Great tips!! (:
    I will definitely be trying some of these at home, especially the blowdrying one!! :D

  4. great post!! thanks for sharing these awesome tips :)

  5. Lately all I do is apply a heatprotectant and blowdrying my hair straight. I then use a serum on the ends or a hair oil depending on what's closest by. It really beats the frizz and easy does it=) xx

  6. very very useful tips!
    i must remember to put the nozzle on the blow dryer.. ><

    i nominated you for an award:

  7. Great tips! Sometimes when I get too lazy to blow wave, I just pop my hair into a bun or wear it in a ponytail/braid... :P