How To Wear Colour

Thursday 1 March 2012

Wearing bright colours can be very daunting. Whether you prefer simple make up, or love to be loud, here are some tips on wearing colour.

Reds and Oranges
Most people can't pull off red eyes or cheeks. It just makes them look like they are sick or have conjunctivitis. If you want to pull off reds and oranges, the easiest way is to wear it on your lips. Stay away from shimmer and go for glossy reds and tangerines. To stop the colour bleeding, remember to wear lip liner.

The great thing about coral is that it can be worn anywhere on the face. Coral blush gives a tropical vibe to your make up. Coral lips look gorgeous, but still is somewhat natural. Go for sheerer blushes and lip products to make it more natural. If you have pink undertones, stay away from pinky corals. If your skin has yellow undertones,  go for pinky over orange corals. 

The easiest way to pull off purples is to apply it to your eyes. To make your eyes pop make sure you curl them, apply black mascara and eyeliner. If your shade is a pinky purple, make sure you apply concealer under your eyes, to combat under eye circles. 

Yellow eye shadow can be hard to pull off, but when done correctly, it looks amazing! It is best to avoid shimmer and go for a matte finish instead. It gives it a more grown up vibe. Keep the rest of your face simple with a subtle blush and clear or nude lips. 

The 80s gave blue eye shadow a bad name, but fear not! To wear it in a simple way, apply a blue eyeliner. It can either be a navy or aqua blue, depending on how confident you are! 

What is your favourite bright colour to wear?

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  1. My fave is Coral at the moment, esp for Summer/Spring. I love it on my nails and lips.