Important Things To Know About Your Skin

Thursday 8 March 2012

Unlike celebrities, we don't have a team of experts that look after our skin and tailor a skincare regime for us. Instead we have to fumble on our own way. We try multiple products until we find the Holy Grail (HG) products that you will use for the rest of your life... or until they are discontinued. 

But experts all will recommend the following to anyone ...

Don't touch your face!
Its been said we touch our face once every 3 minutes! Every time we touch or face we are transferring germs and dirt onto our face. The pen you used at the bank, the phone you use at work, the money you pay with all have millions of germs on them, and by touching your face you have transferred them onto you! Try to get into the habit of NOT touching your face. Keep an antibacterial gel on your desk. Make sure you regularly wipe down phones/keyboards/mouses/ desks. 

While you love the product, also think about the packaging it comes in. If it is in a jar, use a small beauty spatula to get out product, instead of dunking in your fingers.

Sleeping in your make up
This is my number 1 beauty sin. Sometimes I just can't be bothered, but is it really that bad? Actually it is! It means another 6-12 hours (depending on how long you get to sleep for) that make up, germs and dirt are festering on your skin. You don't give your skin time to breathe. It will make your skin so much better if you always clean your face before bed. If you slip up and sleep in your make up, remember to clean your pillowcase, or get out a fresh one for the next night. 

Not exfoliating
How can you expect your night cream or sunscreen to help and protect your skin if it is just sitting on a layer of dead skin cells? If you exfoliate regularly it allows your creams to penetrate your skin much better. It will also make your makeup look better since the liquids and creams have a clean surface to stick to. You can also exfoliate around your eye area, just be extremely careful and gentle. Don't use anything too harsh. It can be as simple as using a (clean) wash cloth. Remember don't over exfoliate. The oilier the skin, the more it benefits from exfoliating. If your skin is dry, exfoliate less. 

Your skin is a reflection of the inside
If you are abusing your body with crap processed foods and drink, are under stress, aren't sleeping and smoking or taking drugs it WILL show in your skin. Not only just your face, but all over. Nurture your body and it will glow and shine (in the good way).

Keep it simple
If you are busy, or not into beauty much, it's easier to have a simple routine. Do the minimum. Cleanse, moisturise, protect with SPF. If you hate having a 10 step routine, take out any steps that aren't necessary. You don't HAVE to use a serum every day. Even once or twice a week will help. It is much easier to do something if it is simple, instead of giving up since it takes too long. But if you love using multiple products and don't mind taking 10 minutes, then go for it! 

One size doesn't fit all
Just because a product is loved by 99% of people, it doesn't mean it will work for you. Instead look for an alternative, or just skip it completely. 

No matter how oily your skin is, remember to moisturise. Just look for a moisturiser that is oil free and non comedogenic (doesn't block/clog pores).

While I've talked about some of these in previous posts it is because they are still true, and very important! 


  1. I'm forever a finger-dipper but I always wash my hands first. And I am unable to sleep with makeup on, I just can't do it. Maybe keep some makeup wipes by your bed just in case the tiredness gets to you? xx

  2. I can't agree more with the 'Moisturize'. It totally changed my skin when I discovered moisturizers. I found out that my skin was dehydrated, causing over production of sebum, NOT oily.