Lust Have It March 2012

Wednesday 7 March 2012

What an exciting way to start the day!! A box from LHI! And I promise you, you will LOVE this box. It really is the perfect mixture of skincare, make up and nails. If they had this formula every month I would pay double!!! It really is an incredible box.

So whats in this months box that has made me so excited? ...

Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadows (Full size $29.95)
I really love Mirenesse eye shadows. I actually use one of their eye shadow trios ("Keshi Pearls") most days. The pigmentation is amazing. It is so soft and easy to apply. They also last all day. And I love that you can wear them wet (for more impact) or dry. In my box I got "Conch Pearls" which has 3 colours - a apricoty pink, pale silver and dark silvery black. I love that it is free of parabens and talc and it is suitable for sensitive eyes. There was also a extra for LHI members who go onto the Mirenesse Facebook page. You can redeem a free black eyeliner (Don't be a fool and go onto the site trying to get a free eye liner if you aren't a LHI need a code!). 

Karpati DITO Nail Lacquer (8ml $19.95)
I had never heard of this brand before. They are 3 free (free of nasties), but are also still long lasting and dry quickly. My colour is called "Azzure Intent" which is a gorgeous sparkly blue. The bottle is really cool, since it sits between and on top of your fingers so it is easy to hold while painting your nails. I'll do a post later today/tomorrow about this, so you can see how gorgeous the colour is! I can't wait to see the quality of this. 

Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil (50mls $23.95)
Last month we had a travel size of their leave in conditioner. I really liked it, but found the smell a bit too overpowering. It had a "salony" smell. This one is much better, but it still has a distinctive smell. The oil is clear and is really easy to sink into your hair. It helps to add moisture into your hair and make it shine. You only need a drop or two, so it will last forever! This is perfect for travel or your handbag. The company is Australian made and they don't test on animals. I am so excited to see how well this works.

1Skin Solutions Lip Balm in Vanilla (5gms $9.90)
Even though we have had a billion lip balms from every box brand, I still love it! You can never have enough lip balms. I haven't heard of this brand before, so it will be interesting to see how it stacks up to the other balms I've received from the other boxes. I like that I got Vanilla as it is always a great choice since so many people like it. The brand is Australian and they also don't test against animals. It contains cocoa butter, vitamin E and beeswax. It also has petroleum as the main ingredient, so some people will be turned off that. It feels really soft on your lips and the smell is AMAZING!!! 

Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream (20ml)
This is a deluxe sample. It contains organic rosehip oil and green tree extract. I really like Kosmea products, but I am always so hesitant to try moisturisers. I have always struggled to find a good one and instead use rosehip oil as a moisturiser. I might save this until winter when my skin is drier, otherwise I will end up breaking out. 

Overall I am so happy with this box. 4 full size products and one deluxe sample. This is one of my favourite boxes EVER from all the brands. It was a perfect mix of skincare, make up and nails. I also like that it was a new nail brand (to me) instead of something I can pick up from the local shops. I was thinking of ditching LHI but will hold off and see what the next 2 boxes are like. If it is a mixture like this every month, I will stay with them. 

What did you think of this months box? What colours did you get for your nail polish and eye shadows? 

If anyone has ditched LHI, are you regretting it now? 


  1. I just got my box too! Sooo impressed!!! I got the "rich girl" eye shadow trio which has a pale pink, a pale silver and a medium charcoal grey. And for the polish (that bottle is ridiculously amazing!) I got "midnight romance" which is a shimmery dark purple - gorgeous!!

  2. So excited to receve this months box it does look really great!

  3. The nail polish bottle looks so interesting! Clever concept, can't wait to see your post on it! The box looks so goood!!

  4. My first box and I got Bora Pearls eye shadow and Intrigue (website description a dark aubergine) for the nail polish.

  5. I just got my box too. I got the "Tahitian Pearls" eyeshadow, which has an olive green, medium brown and cream highlight colour. I love these colours.
    For the nail polish I got the Vineyard Passion, which is a gorgeous deep purple colour. I can't wait to try this.
    I love hearing all the different colours that everyone got for the eyeshadow and nail polish.

  6. Yes I ditched mine and yes I am regretting it now. Sigh. Looks great enjoy!

  7. I dropped mine (for all of 2 weeks) and then found out the polish was in this box, so I resubscribed!!

    Loving my box! Reviewed it at my blog!

  8. Thanks for the reply guys. There are some gorgeous colours out there. For anyone with a blog, link to your pictures:) XO

    Ohh Klara :( It always happens. I wonder if you could still subscribe and get this box then ditch it again?

  9. It is not the best.. the nail polish is great but the rest is so-so. This box is the least well presented box out of the competitors, and they purchase their products ... They had to do something to compete with the rest or they will eventually die!

    1. Anon Im so sad to hear you weren't as impressed as I was. While the box is boring, the content is incredible. I would prefer better content instead of a pretty box. Personally I think they will go further than some of the other brands. It all comes down to customer service, delivery timing, presentation and the products in the box. So many people have cancelled (with other brands) due to bad customer service and delivery issues not the box. Hopefully next month you will be happier :) XO

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