Rave: Australis Eyeshadow Primer

Tuesday 6 March 2012

I'm new to the eye primer love. I used to think they were a bit of a waste. "Who REALLY needs eye primer? Isn't eye shadow enough?" I used to think. Well.... no, eye shadow really isn't enough. Most eye shadows falter. They loose pigment, they wear away and you get that awful crease line. I used to suffer from the horrid crease line, but not anymore.

Introducing Australis "Eyeshadow Primer..."

From the very first use, I noticed a huge difference. My eye shadow lasted from day to night. The annoying crease line that I get a minute after applying eye shadow was so faint even 8 hours later. I have also noticed it makes my eye shadow really pop! It helps enhance the colour and is perfect for making an eye shadow turn into an eyeliner. 

Eyeshadow: The Balm
"Shady Lady in Curvy Cami"
Top:With primer
Middle:Swipe of Primer
Bottom:Without primer

In the above picture, the eye shadow was applied with a brush for both the primer and non primer swatch. The with primer picture had 1 brush of shadow. The non primer swatch had 3 brushes of shadow. The non primer just wasn't building up to a gorgeous dark colour. 

On the back of my hand

This photo shows the difference it makes if you have wrinkles. The eye shadow on the left was applied with a brush and it picks up every line on my hand (Note to self: Start applying bucket loads of hand cream!!!). In the middle is a swatch of the primer, then on the right is the eye shadow over primer. Even though you can still see the lines, it is far more subtle! The pigment is also brighter, bolder and it picks up the gold much better. 



  1. Wow it looks great. I have used eye primers from Smashbox and Benefit before and they are fab but this would be a cheaper option for sure. I usually don't even wear eye shadow when it's piping hot outside because I know it'll fall off anyways. I should use my primers more xx

  2. Great post on the value of primers. I am currently using one from Lorac which seems ok, but also hauled Urban Decay's Primer Potion....This might be a nice backup for my on the go kit.
    Mystique x