Embarrassing Bodies Week: Cracked Heels

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Wearing thongs (flip flops) and walking around barefoot are most likely the causes of having cracked heels. The pressure from walking around cracks the skin, and causes your heels to get damaged. If you don't look after your feet, they can get worse and the cracks will get deeper. You can end up bleeding or get infections from the damage.

Here are some tips on protecting and healing your feet...

If you already have damaged heels, every night for a week soak your feet in warm water. I like to add Bio Oil in to make it moisturising on my feet. Once you have soaked your feet for 5-20 minutes, then exfoliate them. Apply either a mosturiser or a heel balm (like Scholl's Eulactol Heal Balm Gold), then put on socks. This will help to not only get rid of dry skin, but hydrate your heels and make them soft again.

If your heels are damaged and beyond a DIY repair, see a podiatrist. They can help to get rid of the dry, hard skin. 

To keep your feet protected, it's better to wear quality footwear. Remember to moisturise your feet, along with the rest of your body everyday. Exfoliate your feet by either using a scrub, pumice stone, loofa/exfoliating glove every few days. 

Speaking of feet, what are your favourite nail polish colours for your toes? I've been loving Sportsgirl's Nail Polish in "Pacific" which is a gorgeous blue. Otherwise coral is always gorgeous. I love Rimmel's "Instyle Coral"


  1. My poor feet are always neglected! Thanks or this post :) My current favourite polish colours for my toes are grey and coral! xx

  2. I always make sure to use foot cream at night since I am either in heels or runners or flats or flip flops. My feet need a lot of love and they deserve it, they work hard:)

    On my toes at the moment is a Hermes orange from OPI:) X

  3. My favourite tip is to slather on lots of moisturiser/foot cream, pull on a pair of thick socks and go to bed. You'll have amazingly soft feet the next morning!