Napoleon Masterclass 2012

Sunday 1 April 2012

On Thursday I went to the Napoleon Perdis Masterclass that was held at David Jones. The day started at 11.30am where we were met by Napoleon staff who gave us our "golden ticket" (yes it actually was golden) and our receipt so we could redeem our booking fee on make up! For the girls that got there early, you could get your make up applied by the gorgeous staff.

We then moved to an area to wait for the arrival of Napoleon. Instead of a red carpet, they had a "Napoleon" black and gold "carpet" for him to walk down. 

First entered a drummer, then gorgeous models in an array of costumes. There was a Cleopatra, a gorgeous "nude" model, a Marie Antoinette body painted model and 2 gorgeous couples. 

It was actually quite cute that one of the couples were supposed to be in love and flirty and they were almost dancing down the runway. Then Napoleon made his way down the runway. He made a speech to the audience and then had a 15 minute meet and greet with anyone (not just the masterclass participants).

My favourite look was the Marie Antoinette look. The top was painted on. These photos don't do it justice! It was just incredible. It looked like a costume until you saw it up close.

The Masterclass...

All the masterclass girls then made our way up to the area where the stage was set. Because there was less than 60 of us, it was quite intimate. The seats were split into two sections and we both had a TV screen in front of us so the cameraman could zoom in so we could see up close, which was fantastic.

On our seat was a clip board that has illustrations of the make up. There were 4 full page for pale, light, medium and dark make up. It showed what parts of the eye were accentuated, and what products were used. This was fantastic, so we weren't having to write everything down. There was also a bottle of water and a gift bag (more on that later!)

Before we started the masterclass, Napoleon said we were welcome to interrupt and ask questions. I loved this, as it means any questions were much simpler to answer since we were up to that step. Instead of asking at the end and getting confused.

He went through a "nude look" in with two ways. A simple nude look and a more complex nude look with more contouring.

Here are some of the tips, tricks and info that really stuck out to me...

His Auto Pilot Primer doesn't contain Silicone. He doesn't like the "glad wrap" look on the skin.

Sometimes it isn't the products that are irritating your's the brush!! Use a synthetic brush, instead of natural.

Couture Contouring is contouring for YOUR face shape. One size doesn't suit all.

Napoleon contours first, then highlights and ends with blush.

Instead of using a big powder brush, use a smaller one to contour. If you use a thicker brush it can make your contouring thick and messier. A smaller brush makes it precise and more even.

Doing a "boomerang" highlighter, can ruin a countour.

Less is more for pale skin with contouring. If you have darker skin, you can get away with a heavier application.

Using a white eyeliner on your lower waterline is like having a professional lighting crew under your eyes.

Use an eye shadow on lips, and apply a gloss to make it matte.

And the biggest tip is take what you want from the masterclass (or tips in general from make up artists). Just because a MUA doesn't like to do a certain thing, it doesn't mean it's wrong. It purely comes down to personal preference. 

If you're lucky enough to get the opportunity to do a masterclass (or something similar), do it!!! It's a fantastic way to pick up new tricks and to encourage you to try new things. It also helps to have a professional teach you. Since make up is their life, they know what works and how to adapt techniques for every type of face shape. 

He used products from his new range "Nude Bar" which you can read more about here.

Gift Bag

For attending the masterclass we were also given a goodie bag. I'm not sure if the bags were all the same, but here is what was in mine...

"Double Agent Rouge" Lip Palette
Lady Lavender Hand Cream (40ml-perfect for your handbag!)
"Red Corvette" Nail Polish
Colour Disc EYe Shadow in "Naturalle"
Loose Eye Dust in "Sand Beige"
Auto Pilot "Lip Service" Lip Primer (5ml)
Auto Pilot "Complex Skin Renewal Serum" (sachet)
Auto Pilot "Skin Primer" (sachet)
Free Makeover (valued at $80)

There was also a sample of one of the foundations, but it was a Look 3 and way too dark for me, so I gave it to the girl sitting next to me. 

What I bought...

When booking, there was a $250 booking fee, which was redeemable on products on the day. Originally I was going to go crazy and get some gorgeous lipsticks and eye shadows, but last week when I was going through my make up collection I noticed I have soooooo many lip and eye products that I've barely touched. So instead I went with the more basic items. Here's what I ended up purchasing...

Camera Finish Powder Foundation in N1-"Ivory Idol"
Barely Blushing Cheek and Lip Tint in "Barely Rouge"
Bronze Patrol 
The Ultimate Contour Palette (which contains a highlighter, blush and contour)
Luxe Basics Brush Collection (which contains a Foundation brush, Buffing brush, Primer brush and a Concealer brush).

I was really hoping to get the China Doll Gel Eyeliner in "Alabaster," but it was sold out. It's on my wishlist, along with the "Light Patrol Luminizer Palette" which is can illuminator and bronze. 

And that was my Napoleon experience. I'm so glad I went, and would love to go again in the future. It really was a delight in learning new ways to apply make up and getting to see a professional in action.

Napoleon also did a meet and greet (and a photo) with the masterclass participants. He was so very nice and genuine. He really took an interest in your own experience of the masterclass. 

Has anyone been to a masterclass with either Napoleon, or another famous MUA? Is anyone wanting to go to the next masterclass after reading about it? 

PS Sorry for the bad photos. I just bought a new camera today and can't wait to finally have decent photos for my blog! :)


  1. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing time! The Marie Antoinette look is just wonderful, she's my favourite historic person! xx

  2. looks awesome, would love to go to one of these!

    I LOVE my NP china doll eye-liner- definitely get one they are awesome!

  3. This looks like so much fun!

    Looks like you also learned a lot, which is fabulous! Great goodie bag and great haul, also!

    I'm so amazed by the body art painting that's becoming really popular lately. You almost can't believe it's just paint!

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time!
    And informative too!

  5. That looked amazing. I'll need to try and get to one!

  6. It looks like an amazing event, I'm glad you had a good time. NP seems so friendly and passionate about what he does! I look forward to reading lots of reviews;)

  7. MBB I love her too!!!! Such amazing costumes and hair!

    Jess- I'm going to get it! Just have to make it instore :)

    MMM-Body art is amazing. Some of it is just so realistic. The people that do it are true artists!

    Ingrid-He was so friendly :) Which was great as sometimes it can be disappointing meeting someone famous and they have no time for you.

    To everyone that said they wish they went, go next time!! It was worth the money and was so interesting.