Pam's Girly Bits in "Cosmic Ocean"

Thursday 19 April 2012

This is one of the nail polishes I received from Shayna in the Valentine's Day Blogger Swap. It truly is so amazing that it needs its own post! 

Pam is a "kitchen chemist" and makes up her own AMAZING nail polishes. She truly is amazing. Her polishes are like no other. When you think she has come up with the HG nail polish, she then outdoes herself! 

My pictures can't even do it justice, so I've also included a link to her blog so you can see more amazing photos of it. Check them out here.

My photos were done quickly in between my daughters afternoon nap. So they include no basecoat, they aren't perfect and the pictures were taken quickly. I wish I could have done a proper manicure and really did them perfect, since that is what the polish deserves!! But these photos will give you an idea on how amazing the polish is.

I used as my base colour on one hand Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish "Blue It" which is a gorgeous metallic dark blue. On my right hand I used Rimmel's 60 Second nail polish in "Black Out" which is a matte black. 

Firstly here are pictures of Cosmic Ocean over the blue ...

With the blue base colour it stays more blue with a touch of green when it hits the light. 

And here it is on my right hand with a black base colour. You can see that with the darker colour it really picks up the green in the polish. 

As you can see, Pam's photos make it look so much better. But even they don't show how truly amazing they are in real life. 

Check out her polishes for sale here. My picks are "Into The Night", "Purple Potion," Sailors Delight" and "Street Magic"

Have you ever used Pam's nail polishes before?

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