Review: Lily Loves Pearl "[Polish Me] Gentle Facial Exfoliant"

Sunday 22 April 2012

I heard about this back in November as some of the Glossyboxes had it in. Sadly mine didn't, but it sparked an interest in the brand. I ordered the "Gentle Facial Exfoliant" to see how well it would go with getting rid of congested skin. 

Here's why I like the brand...

The ingredients they use are farmed without pesticides or insecticides

It's 100% certified organic and 100% naturally derived

They are Australian owned and made

They don't test on animals

The first ingredient is "love" (awwwwww!)

So what did I think about the exfoliator?

The exfoliator is really nice. It's soft enough to be used everyday without stripping or irritating the skin. It has a gel base, so for anyone with dry skin make sure that you don't use it too often or you might find that it can dry out you skin a little. 

Other than "love," the first ingredient is aloe vera. This is great because it helps to protect your skin and repair it. 

Make sure you shake the bottle before using, to mix the gel with the exfoliating beads for the best exfoliation for your skin. 

It costs $38.00 for 95mls. While I liked using it, I probably wouldn't purchase it again. I really love the Jurlique "Daily Exfoliating Cream" and would prefer to buy that over this even though it's more expensive. It's $63.00 for 125mls but I find it really hydrates my skin and keeps it feeling soft. If you have more sensitive or drier skin, the Jurlique exfoliator will be better suited to you.


  1. Ooh, I do like the sound of this product! I must have a look at it!

    Sharleena xx

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    2. They have some great products in their range. This is one of their best sellers and is always out of stock! I've heard their rosehip oil is great too!

  2. How interesting. I would have loved to see how the product looks because my skin can't handle too big exfoliant beads.

    I am loving a creme blush I got in one of the beauty boxes from Lime Lily Cosmetics, I really should find out where I can buy the full-size. Thanks for the reminder - it is so easy to forget about the beauty box products X

    1. Ingrid, you should try the Jurlique exfoliant then. It is so soft and doesn' have the "bead" feeling :) Ohhh I completely forgot about the LLC blush! I'll have to use it this week!

  3. I like the sounds of this product and the love ingredient is cute!

  4. Thanks Laura, that's so sweet :) I'll go check out your blog now XO

  5. Haha, that's adorable. I got this in one box but I have yet to use it as I've been using the Dermalogica one!

  6. I was introduced to Lily Loves Pearl a couple of months ago since I decided to go organic with my beauty products. After years of using products that the main ingredient was WATER & other chemicals I could feel my body asking me to stop.
    Lily Loves Pearl has beautiful products with real beneficial ingredients such as plants, natural oils so your body can feel the LOVE. I found more fantastic organic products on a site called Organic Glow (