Beauty Heaven's Glosscars 2012

Friday 25 May 2012

I really love Beauty Heaven. The website is for any beauty junkie that loves to know how to do the newest trends and what are the latest must have products. The forums are also fantastic, and I love getting to chat to all the girls on there. There are some beautiful girls (inside and out) on the forums. 

A while ago they had their annual Glosscars, which is the best of the best products of the year. They release the list of nominees, and BH members pick their favourites and write reviews to vote. 

Not only does your reviews count as a vote for your favourite product, it can also score you a prize. 15 BH members are chosen to win based on their reviews. A thing to know for the future if you want to be apart of the next years Glosscars is that it's not about quantity, but quality. You can win from only 3 great, helpful reviews.  

I was so blessed to learn from the Made Up Maiden (who sent me an email) to let me know that we both were one of the lucky 15 winners. Luckily she did as I would have missed it!! My hubby was overseas at the time and I was looking after my daughter alone, so I wasn't on BH too much that week. 

So what was the prize?

ALL of the winning products. Yes, you read that right!! I think my bathroom cabinet is going to be very full!

Lets see the winning products...

Make Up

Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Eyeshadow 
I received it in "Snap Attack" which is has 5 various gorgeous browns. I own this and LOVE it. It's perfect for having in your bag and going from day to night make up because the palette is so small. 

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in "Fire"
I'm absolutely loving red glosses and lipsticks at the moment and can't wait to try this out. Its such a bright red! 

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in 10 and 12
I'm so excited to try this. On the Morning Show last week they had a Rimmel make up artist on and they used number 9 on the model. It looked so striking on the model. You can see the video here. I've heard some great things about these lipsticks and can't wait to try this. The 10 is a gorgeous bold red and the 12 is more of a coral red.

Mirenesse Auto Lip Liner Duet in "Naughty Nudes"
I've used a lot of Mirenesse lip and eye products, but never one of their lip liners. The packaging is sleek and gorgeous. It's silver packaging makes it look much more expensive than it is. It's dual ended with one end lighter and the other darker. 

Mirenesse Forever Lipstick in "Pierre"
I've used a lot of their lip glosses, but never their lipsticks. So I can't wait to see how well it performs. I love the packaging. It's sleek, a shiny silver with a crystal at the top of the lip lid. The colour is absolutely divine. 

Benefit Cha Cha Tint
I don't own many Benefit products and can't wait to try this out. I'm loving tints at the moment and am interested to see how this mango tinted one compares to my berry Napoleon Perdis tint. 

Benefit Watt's Up! Highlighter
Another "I can't wait to use it" product. I'm loving highlighters at the moment. I have liquid ones from Nude By Nature and Face Of Australia, so I'm interested to see how the solid form compares. 

Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation and Concealer
I've been wanting to try these for a while, but sadly I was sent medium colours when I'm quite pale, so I will have to give this away to a friend. But it's on my list of things to try, and I'll have to go to Priceline to pick up my correct colour soon. 

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector
This is probably one of the most known BB creams in Australia. I really like it, but find if I use it for longer than 5 days at a time I break out. So I normally use this only occasionally. It's long lasting and gives enough coverage for those days when your skin isn't naturally flawless. 

The Body Shop "Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder"
I was sent the medium colour which will be way too dark for my skin, so I'm planning on using this as a eye shadow instead. I really want to try their bronzing face gel, but will wait until summer. 

Manicare Disposable Mascara Brushes
I already have these and they are fantastic! There are 4 different brushes in each pack (this is a 20 pack) and they all do something different. There is a brush for volume, one for curl, another lengthens and one defines. I love these because if you have a mascara you love, but hate the brush, you can use these brushes instead! It's such a fantastic idea.

Maybelline "Master Liner Cream Pencil"
I'm a big fan of their Master Liner liquid eyeliner, so I'm hoping that this is similar. I love that the liquid liner lasts all day and is easy to use, so hopefully this will also be long lasting and smudge proof. 

Maybelline "Volum'Express Mascara"
I've never been a big fan of Maybelline Mascaras. I just don't get the cult love for their "Great Lash" mascara. But maybe this will change my opinion and make me fall in love with their mascaras. 

Freeze Frame "Instant Lash"
This is such a cool product, You brush onto your lashes and they act as a lash extension. Then you follow up with mascara. I've never tried anything like this before, and am interested to see if it actually does anything. The packaging has that you can add 4-8mm to your eyelashes instantly! 

Face Of Australia "Face Base Primer"
This is a 3 in 1 primer that primes, protects and moisturises. It has SPF 15 and is oil free. I've never used this but have heard it's a dupe for Napoleon Perdis "Auto Pilot" primer, which I use and love. I'm looking forward to trying this once I've finished my "Auto Pilot."

Hands, Nails and Feet

O.P.I Black Shatter
I've used the Sally Hansen version of this, so I'm interested to see how different this one is, considering it's double the price. 

Revlon Top Speed in "Modern Grace"
This is such an unusual colour. It's not purple but it's not blue. It's more of a dark lilac. It's not a colour I would normally use, so I'm excited to try something new. It would be gorgeous especially in spring when pastels look perfect for the brighter weather!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with vitamin E Hand Cream
I'm terrible when it comes to hand creams. I really need to use them, but rarely do. My hands (and feet) are neglected, but I will have to try and remember to look after them or I'll end up with granny hands by the time I'm 30! It has the gorgeous hint of the cocoa smell, but isn't overpowering. It sinks in really easily too. I love that it also has SPF 15 for added protection from the sun and will keep my hands from aging.

Revitanail "Cuticle Remover Gel"
I'm guilty of ignoring my cuticles. Having enough time to do my nails is hard enough, without also having to file my nails and fix my cuticles. So this is perfect for me, since it helps to soften cuticles. It also contains aloe vera for protecting and moisturising.  

Crabtree & Evelyn Foot File
This is great because it's sturdy. The way it was gift wrapped was gorgeous too!


Burt's Bees "Radiance Facial Cleanser" and "Radiance Toner"
I love the sound of this, because who doesn't want radiant skin! The packaging is slightly weird as there are no instructions. I know how to use cleansers, but just found it odd that there were no instructions on the bottle. I love that it's free of sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals. 

Estee Lauder "Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator"
For me, Estee Lauder always seems like a mum's brand. My mum uses it, and so does her mum, but not me. I know a few others who feel the same way. So I normally skip the EL counter and end up missing out on their goodies. So I'm excited to try this, and hopefully fall in love with EL. 

Lancome "Visionnaire"
I'll probably give this to my mum as I already have a lot of skincare to get through, and she'll appreciate it more than me. I've heard amazing things about this. I have a sample that I can try out to see what it's like.

Elizabeth Arden "Prevage Night Cream"
I find a lot of anti aging products are too heavy for my skin, since they are more likely to be made for drier skin so  this is another thing I'll give to my mum. 

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion
I can't wait to try this as I've never used La Prairie products before. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. The instructions are really easy to understand. I'll probably keep this until winter when my skin is drier.

Alpha-H "Gentle Daily Exfoliant"
This is one skincare item I can't wait to try (and regular readers will know I'm not a huge skincare fan, so that's saying something!). I like that there is only 6 ingredients because sometimes less is more. This is supposed to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion, so stay tuned to see if I end up with brighter skin!

Palmer's Purifying Mask 
Such perfect timing to get this!! My skin is freaking out due to little sleep and stress so I can't wait to try this out. It contains green clay and kaolin to help get rid of impurities. While Cocoa and shea butter moisturise skin so it's still great for drier skin that suffers from blemishes. 

Planet Eve "Super 5 Eye Firming Gel"
I haven't used Planet Eve before. I love that they have organic ingredients and don't test on animals. 

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men "Anti Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel"
This looks and sounds really cool. It's a rollerball than helps to combat dark circles, puffiness and moisturises. 

Clearasil Ultra "Pimple + Marks Lotion"
I already have this for when I break out, and it's fantastic! Clearasil is one of the brands I always go back to, as they always give me great results. 

Maybelline "Baby Lips Lip Balm"
A girl can never have enough lip balms, so I'm excited to add this to my draw. 


Lush "Dirty" Shower Gel
By a completely spooky coincidence, I received the "Dirty" soap in my Lust Have It the other week and have been using it. While it's not really a girly smell (it smells like toothpaste to me), its great for guys. 

Dove "Triple Moisturising Body Wash"
I used to use Dove products all the time when I was a teen, but moved away from them and onto other products, so I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted to it again. 

Burt's Bees "Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrubs
When I was younger I used to love body scrubs (I blame the body shop!) but moved away from them and started using exfoliating gloves and body brushes. So this will be used more as a hand and foot scrub. I love the smell of this. Burt's Bees do amazing products and I'm sure this will be no exception.   

Naked Tan Instant Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
Being pale, there's something about the word "Bronzing" that scares me. The word makes me feel like I'll end up looking like Snookie. I do like that you can keep it on for 2 hours for a natural look or 4 hours for a deeper tan. It's also free of alcohol, parabens and they don't test on animals. Even though on the packaging it has that it's odour free, it has a really pleasant scent. I like that it sinks in easily and isn't obvious at first, since it slowly develops. This may be the product that turns me from a fair maiden to a bronzed goddess!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil
I have a love/hate relationship with oils (both body and hair oils). Body oils have great benefits, but one of the drawbacks is it does take longer to dry. On winter mornings that extra minute or two can be unbearable. Also if you are wearing a delicate dress or silk, it can make you wary using an oil for fear of damaging clothing. I really love using oils in the bath or in a foot bath before a DIY pedicure.

Nivea "Express Hydration" Body Lotion
I'm normally not a fan of Nivea body lotions, as I find them quite greasy. It has 24 hour hydration, so this will be good for winter. 

Invisible Zinc "Sport 4 Hour Water Resistant Clip On"
I love how this is packaged! It's small enough to have in your bag (or clip it on) and is still quite light. It's quite thick, so I probably wouldn't apply it to my face, but it would be perfect for my body.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with vitamin E "Foot Magic"
Like my hands, my feet get ignored. This doesn't have the cocoa butter scent, but instead it has more of a peppermint scent. It also contains mango butter for added moisture. 

Nivea "Invisible" Deodorant 
I normally use a stick or rollerball deodorant, so I'm interested to see how well this works. I like that it's suitable for black and white clothes (without any marks).

Johnson's "Baby Bubble Bath and Wash"
I'm nearly out of my daughters bath wash, so this will be used very soon. I like that it has the no tears formula.


Garnier Fructis "Anti Dandruff Shampoo"
I don't really have any use for dandruff shampoo, but I love the fact that this helps strengthen hair and reduces breakage and hair fall out, so I'll still use this to see if it helps to strengthen my hair.

Pantene "Aqua Light" Shampoo and Conditioner
I've used a sample of this before, and it works really well for fine hair. It doesn't weigh your hair down, but still gives it enough moisture to dry hair. 

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight
I've used JF products before, and I love the Frizz Ease serum. It makes your hair soft, shiny and silky. I normally have my hair curly, so it will be fun to use this and have straight hair for a while.

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse in Radiant Golden Blonde
I haven't dyed my hair in months (since Christmas Eve to be precise!) and is much needed. I love the idea of DIY hair colour (and have done it many times before) but looking after a child makes hairdying so much harder. I'll have to wait until my daughter is at childcare and I'm not working to do this, since it's never a good idea to put colour on your hair if you can't wash it out!! 

Dove "Nourishing Oil Care" Hair Oil
I've read some great reviews about this on blogs, and can't wait to try this. I've used so many hair oils, and am curious to see how well this works considering it can be up to 3 times cheaper than other hair oils. 


Marc Jacobs "Daisy" Eau So Fresh
I really love the original Daisy and it's perfect for spring and summer when you want a soft fragrance. The packaging is so girly and beautiful. I just love this fragrance so much.

Marc Jacobs "BANG"
This is a gorgeous masculine scent for guys. I really love it and it smells so good on my hubby.  

MOR Fragrant Candle "Candied Vanilla Almond"
I absolutely adore MOR products and this is one of my favourite scents. The matching hand cream smells amazing. I love the packaging as it's so decadent.


Braun Silk Epil 7
Personally, I prefer to shave as it's simple and quick. It also means you don't have to be hairy while waiting for your hair to be long enough to wax. But I'm looking forward to using this in winter. 

Remington "Pro Slimline Ceramic Straightener"
I already own a GHD (which I barely use), but I love that this has variable settings, which my GHD doesn't. If I get great results from this I may use this, and take my GHD down to my parents and then I have one there for when I visit so I can both straighten and curl.

VS Sassoon Studio Tools "Wave Envy"
This is such an unusual hair tool. It doesn't give your hair curls, it's not a crimpper but a wave. I can't wait to try it to see how it looks.

Remington Studio Styles Pro Pack
I've been needing to buy a new hairdryer for a while, but since I don't blow dry my hair often, it seemed like such a waste of money. So I was thrilled to get this. It has 2200 watts and is quiter than most hairdriers, which is important when you are trying to dry your hair with a sleeping child. It also includes a diffuser and brush.


Colgate Max White One Toothpaste
This is such a great toothpaste. I'm actually on my fourth or fifth tube of it. While it won't give you dentist results in whitening your teeth, it does make a subtle difference. This is perfect for anyone that wants whiter teeth, but can't afford going to a dentist.

Two of the other winners have also posted on the win. You can see the Made Up Maiden's post here or Glamour Puss Girl's post here

I can't wait to try these products out! Did you vote for any of the winning products?


  1. Congratulations! Some really cool stuff in there :)

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    That is a massive amount of stuff!!

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    I broke out from the Garnier bb cream too....

  5. What a fantastic post! I loved hearing what you thought about everything.

    I love the Garnier BB cream but it broke me out so badly it took months to recover from...I'm so tempted to try it again but I'm afraid to!

    I got the exact same items you did and I love that Revlon polish, it reminds me of blueberries for some reason!

    Can't wait to see what you think of the Wave Envy. ;)

  6. Oh EM Glee! So happy for you, this looks absolutely amazing! You won't need any beauty spend in June hun:)

    I am excited to hear about the epilator and EL serum, let me know how you go X

  7. WOW! You seriously got like $500 worth of products or something there (might be exaggerating but what with inflated Australian prices and the AMOUNT of products you got.. I'm probably not too far off the mark). Amazing! It will take you forever to get around to using everything! I'm always here if you need to donate ;) HAHA joking.

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    Mel x

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    Congrats on such a great win, you deserve it!