Friday's Favourites

Friday 11 May 2012

My week has been a bit crazy with work this week, but in between the chaos I'm bringing you some of the things that I've loved this week.

What I'm wearing...

Since this week has been a bit insane, my make up has been very simple. A brown smokey eye and nude lips. But I have been curling my hair with the Remington Perfect Curls curling wand. I absolutely love this. It's fool proof and creates long lasting curls. 

I've also found that the last 2 weeks I've been skipping perfume, and using fragrant body lotion instead. I'm not quite sure why I'm doing it, but I have a feeling it's because I moved my perfume and it's out of "sight out of mind" now. On the plus side, I'm using Jurlique's Jasmine Body Care Lotion. It smells absolutely divine and the scent lasts all day. 

Things I'm lusting for...

I found this gorgeous website called Coco and Chloe last week and have visited it almost every day! They have so many beautiful things. My pick is this gorgeous necklace. I can't wait for payday next week so I can order it! 

Blogs or blog posts I've loved so much that I've read more than once...

On PRIMPED, they had a great article about Pigmentation. I love that there were quiet a few different products recommended and they weren't all super expensive which is always great!!

Over at Marked Beauty Blog, I saw a great review on the new L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation. Now I want it!!! I'm nearly out of my Bourjois "Healthy Mix Foundation" (which I love) but am tempted to get this, instead of getting another Healthy Mix bottle, to see what it's like. 

Sandy at Love Or Sick Addiction did an amazing eyeshadow look that's based on a Vera Wang Fragrance Bottle. You HAVE to check this out. It's amazing!! She's so talented. While it's not a look I'll ever try, I love her creativity.

This post is a little bit old, but I just really love Adeline's bold lip over at Through Beauty Eyes. I also love the fact she is wearing glasses!! Not many bloggers do make up looks with glasses on, so I find it fantastic. As someone who wears glasses most of my waking day, I like seeing beauty looks incorporating glasses. She also has the same name as my daughter, so how can I not love her blog ;)

MissV gave me new uses for my nail polish with her post about Clever Uses For Nail Polish. I'll never look at a nail polish collection the same!

On My Mind...

I'm thinking of doing a spending ban in June. But the thought of no new cosmetics is a scary one for a beauty addict. What happens if there's something amazing released that month!! 

What have you been loving this week? 


  1. I like the sound of the curling wand!! Do you think it would work well for thinner hair. I am never successful with curling!!

    Spending ban sounds scary....LOL

    1. Priscilla, it would be perfect for your hair! As a fine haired girl too, I find it gives my hair so much volume!

  2. Such an amazing way to end a Friday, loving this post. X

  3. Thanks for another mention love, and you really should try the Lumi Magique - still loving it!
    Ooh, I want to try that curling iron now, I may be obsessed with them!

    Sharleena xx

    1. I'm planning on getting the foundation once I've finished my current one, since I only have 1 face and don't need 7 different foundations haha.

      I'm obsessed with curling irons too!! I want another 2 different ones :)

  4. Great post, love the things that you're loving too! :)

    I agree a spending ban could be really tricky to manage!

    1. We are too similar :)

      A spending ban could be great and terrible all at once!

  5. Love these posts! I'm thinking a spending ban for a month now would be good so I can splurge in Melbourne!

    1. Glad you enjoy them hun. That would be such a great thing to do before Melbourne. As much as it sucks not to have any new goodies to play with for a month, just think of all the things you could buy in Melbourne! :)