Myer Beauty Essentials Book... (GWP's included!)

Thursday 17 May 2012

Now I really should be in bed resting, but I couldn't help but share the amazingness that is the Myer Beauty Essentials Book. Now we all know what these books mean...


And what girl doesn't love a gift for doing what she does best...spending money and buying things to make her feel more beautiful!

Check out the Myer Beauty Book HERE.

My picks have to be....

The Bloom Overnighter Bag. I've seen their brush set before and I've always been meaning to pick it up. But I'll HAVE to now. Such an amazing price. This would be perfect to take when I travel. And HELLO!!! I'm obsessed with brushes, so it has my name written all over it!

Purchase a L'Oreal Foundation and get their primer for free! I really want to get their Lumi Magnique Foundation, so this is the perfect time to buy it!

Chi Chi have a great GWP when you spend over $30. I haven't tried them in many years, but now would be the perfect time to get reacquainted with them. 

I've been loving MOR for the last few weeks and I'll have to pick up some goodies soon. When you spend over $39.95 you get a gorgeous Marshmallow pack with their hand cream and soap. 

So that's what I'll be looking at buying very soon. 

What are your picks?


  1. I like the Bloom, Chi Chi, totes and the Mor deals the best! Great review! I really think that DJs does better deals though!

    1. Normally I think DJs does better deals, but I think Myer did really well this time. Can't wait to see what DJs has instore for next time :)

  2. I came home around midnight on Tuesday and the catalogue was in my mailbox. I loved browsing through and I agree, the Bloom kit looks fab. I did get my Clarasonic yesterday and loved the free pore-brush. I have also been eyeing off the Dr Lewinn's deal - that serum is just amazing! Great to see you are blogging again X

    1. Can't wait to see a review of what you think about the Clarisonic