Australia's Best Brands

Sunday 24 June 2012

As some of you might know, I signed up to the Christmas In July Global Beauty Blog Swap. I got paired up with the gorgeous Marie, from MCMiki who is from the UK.

I've been doing a lot of thinking and have come up with a few ideas (which I can't say here just incase she's reading it!). But I thought I would enlist your help dear friends.

What Australian products and brands do you think are amazing? What ones do you think would be perfect for a blogger swap? 

Some of my favourite brands include Australis, Bloom, Face Of Australia, Grown, Jurlique, A'kin, MOR cosmetics, Napoleon Perdis and Model Co. 

Have you signed up to the blogger swap? What are you sending? Or what would you send if you were participating?


  1. Ooh the UK!! :D Lucky you!
    I'm currently doing a swap with someone from the US!
    I like Australis, FOA and Savvy by DB

  2. For sure Australis and Jurlique.
    For something different I would put in Luca's Papaw Ointment, as well as some Cancer Council sunscreen.


  3. That sounds like alot of fun! I really like Australis, they are affordable and I've found the quality really nice! Models Own have some sweet stuff too!

  4. I wanted to sign up but being a student and on a working hiatus atm, I have to watch my spending a bit.
    Aside from the brands you've already mentioned, how about Ulta3 nail polishes? Unless you can't send polishes (which would be a shame!). Hmmm having trouble thinking of other Australian brands..

  5. I think the swap sounds like so much fun! Bit bummed I missed out!

    Oh, I would've added all the brands you have up there and in the comments here, and also possibly add Mirenesse and Harlotte Cosmetics. :)

  6. I signed up so far sticking with Australis, FOA, Savvy by DB... a few of the better BYS products I know of! :)

  7. Dang, I wanted to do this too but Im a student and am literally broke at the moment with like $3 bucksin my wallet haha.
    Definitely do heaps of Australis! I love the Australis Nudist Palette which is only like $10 from Target :D A must :)

  8. I always send Australis and FofA becaause they are Aus only, NP is available in America. I always have a look at the products Aussie bloggers have gone nuts about! My last swap, my swapee was a self confessed highlighter junkie, so I sent her the FofA highlighters because tehy're brilliant! The lip crayons have also caused lots of blog love!!!
    Other brands: Bloom, Chi Chi, DB etc